The Divine By Nathaniel Willey

The Spatial Experience

The high ceilings of the theatre, the placement of the lights and the size of the stage set the tone for the play before it even started. As soon as I walked into the theatre I was struck by the atmosphere of the chamber. I sat in the front row of the auditorium so from the first scene of the play I was completely immersed. Place is completely subjective in the good life. I’m sure I would have enjoyed the play equally as much in a different place, although it would have been slightly different.

The Social Experience

I attended the performance with a couple friends. For most of the play it was like they weren’t even there. The only time I noticed friends was when we were all laughing. Shared experiences are important in the good life because the offer connection with others. As social animals, connection is pertinent to the good life.

The cultural and intellectual experience

The performance lent a light on multiple different perspectives. I was able to see history like I haven’t before, and I was able to see the interworking’s of the poor life of the early 20th century. The play addressed abuse to factory employees and corruption within the church. I had vague ideas of these two things before the play, but this play really broadened my horizons. I couldn’t relate to the subject material.

The emotional experience

The whole play portrays very serious issues in a hue true to history, but in a manor that is enthralling. The light hearted, comical nature of the play made everything enjoyable. By presenting the play in this way with such serious subject matters the viewer is able to really be introspective on the issues as a whole. This is great because it builds the viewers knowledge base in hopes that the same mistakes wont be made in the future.

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