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L-R Kimberly Blackstock, April Lacheur, Sarah Ronald

Meet the Artists

Kimberly Blackstock

The Living Palette was a two person show with botanical artwork by Brenna Quan
In my painting I aim to capture the powerful vitality within and beyond the visual realm. Through a range of expressive methods—realism, impressionism, abstraction—my work attempts to evoke the beauty of the unseen, the beauty of what is deeply felt when witnessing works of art. The fulfillment I gain through my practice is above all about connection. I see painting as an imaginative activity that puts me in touch with the distinct feelings of my subject matter. Capturing this powerful essence ensures these immaterial sensations are shared. As viewers connect to the work and to each other, the world is charged with new energy flows.

The following photos include paintings and gallery installation views of The Living Palette.

The Living Palette

Like many artists I can’t and won’t limit myself to one subject matter; I paint what I am passionate about and this changes often, however I have found myself continually revisiting the gorgeous gifts that nature blesses us with which have currently become a blossoming obsession for me. Brenna and I had a floral vision we wanted to share with you, and after a long, crazy-cold and snowy winter we think the timing is perfect.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and allow the space we created for you to envelope you like a dream. Experience the vibrant, textural visual expression - a playground for your imagination pillowed by luscious tufts of moss. It is our dream-like journey of a million painted petals and layers of viridian, lime and chartreuse foliage, this is a room where pigments of nature bind to canvas entangled by live tangible inspiration.

We hope to entertain your senses while you let nature act out it’s story; watch it dance, play, sing and fill the room with floral scents that inspires life, art and hopefully you.

Kimberly Blackstock

Kimberly Blackstock and Brenna Quan at the opening reception

Samba 24"x18" acrylic on canvas
Spin 16"dia acrylic on canvas
Twist 16"dia acrylic on canvas
Whirl 16"dia acrylic on canvas
Paintings by Kimberly Blackstock, botanical pieces by Brenna Quan. Installation photos courtesy Brenna Quan
A Capella 36"x36" Oil on canvas by Kimberly Blackstock installed with Industrial Rosealution, Bamboo cane, mirror, cut flowers & foliage by Brenna Quan (photo courtesy of Brenna Quan)
For more information about the paintings please contact Kimberly Blackstock www.kimberlyblackstock.com (photos courtesy of Brenna Quan)

April Lacheur

Our Roots Exposed also included work by woodturner Jim Johnson
I have always felt that we are not much different than the trees that surround us. My work strives to not only convey the beauty of nature but also our relationship, connections and similarities to it. Like trees in the forest, we too have roots, some that run deep and others that are just beginning. Our roots are connected and help us to be strong as individuals and community. If we can expose our roots, have a transparency about them, we can better learn from each other and understand each other creating a more positive and peaceful place to live.

April Lacheur has long been inspired by the beauty of trees, the strength of the ocean and the magic of the creatures that inhabit her homeland. Her semi abstract acrylic paintings examine our relationships with nature, through the use of bold colours, flowing lines, exposed tree roots, phantom trees and layers that vary in translucency and opacity.

The following photos include paintings and gallery installation views that were part of April's exhibition, Our Roots Exposed, in 2018.

Paintings by April Lacheur, woodturned pieces by Jim Johnson
Nature's Element 36"x48" acrylic on wood, copper, brass
For more information about her artwork please contact April Lacheur at www.aprillacheurart.com
Dancing Roots 24"x48" acrylic on linen

Sarah Ronald

My artwork explores our relationships with wild animals as living beings and as concepts. I feel humans need continual reminding that we are only tenants on this planet, and I believe that art is an accessible means to offer this reminder. I am currently focused on a return to my original love of drawing and storytelling, and am happy to be combining these passions to explore deeper connections between humans and the natural world.

In Spirits from the Woods artist Sarah Ronald invites viewers to take a unique look at some of BC’s most sought after wild animals and to consider how our fixation with self-identity has real-world impact on ‘modern’ wild animals.

With her unusual portraits and statistic based artwork, Sarah asks questions around the role of art with regards to wild animal protection and conservation, and she identifies that art can indeed help protect the animals that are at risk due to increasing overexposure to humans.

The following photos include paintings and gallery installation views that were part of Sarah's 2018 exhibition, Spirits From the Woods.

Chimera: Poking Holes in the Clouds 7'x9'
For more information about her artwork please contact Sarah Ronald at www.sarahronald.com
Afterlife 44"x24" acrylic, resin on wood panel

Untitled Study for Sarah Ronald's Territory Series

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Photos courtesy of Kimberly Blackstock, April Lacheur, Sarah Ronald, Brenna Quan, Janice Cotter & PoMoArts