HPS News JanuAry 2017

Notes from the Head

This half term we have been focusing on 'Empathy' in our assemblies. This has included: getting to grips with the meaning of empathy; what this looks like in real life situations; developing our empathetic listening skills and understanding that the way people behave is often influenced by how they feel and circumstances in their lives. Next week we will be further exploring this through considering what it means, 'to walk in another person’s shoes'. Please talk to your child about empathy and praise them on the occasions that you seem them being empathetic.

Healthy Eating

The Governors have formed a working party to look at all aspects of healthy eating across the school. They have lots of exciting ideas that will be implemented over the next few months to encourage all the children to choose healthier options.

They are currently looking at re-launching school meals after Easter and are working closely with Mr Large, the Kitchen Manager, to devise an exciting new menu.

We would also like to encourage healthy packed lunches for those children who don’t have a school meal. Please do not provide crisps, sweets, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks or nuts (due to several children with severe nut allergies) in lunchboxes. Ideas for healthy lunchboxes can be found at http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/childhealth6-15/Pages/Lighterlunchboxes.aspx

At morning break free fruit is provided by a Government scheme for KS1 and Reception children. KS2 children can bring in a healthy snack such as fruit for their morning break if they wish.

Thank you to Countrywide Farmers for providing lots of exciting seeds for the children to grow this summer; we are really looking forward to seeing the results. If anyone can help us to source some compost either free of charge or at a reduced price then please contact the school office.

Diary dates

Rights Respecting

After a very productive first "official" meeting with the Rights Respecting Ambassadors, we are beginning to get a much clearer idea of Rights Respecting across the school. However, as always, we are not just aiming for good, we are aiming for our "better" and "best!". Therefore, we have decided to ask all the children, staff and parents of HPS to fill in a quick questionnaire to see what's being done well and how we could improve. Please keep an eye out for the parent questionnaire which will be arriving in your inboxes soon! It will only take a couple of minutes to complete and will be really valuable to both myself and the Ambassadors.

Sports News

Year 5 & 6 Inter School Cluster Netball Tournament:

Thursday 19th January

Another cold, but bright after school meeting of the local primary schools saw the teams compete for the final standings of the inter-school High 5s Netball. Evie, Ellie, Fay, Tori, Violet, Georgia, Karolina & Seyithan put all of their training to good use and played with a lot more confidence which brought them in to 2nd place overall in Pool B. In Pool A, the games were high in energy and full of competitiveness; Amber W, Amber S, Millie, Gamze, Ethan, Jess & Erin put on a great display of netball, full of terrific teamwork and the goals scored took their final position to the top of the table! Details for the East Devon Finals are all we need to wait for now! Well done teams ☺

Year 4 Gymnastics:

Wednesday 25th January

What amazing gymnasts there are in Year 4! Every member of the year group worked hard and challenged themselves during their gymnastics cluster festival held at Honiton Community College this week. There were balancing, jumping and vaulting stations which the children rotated around; supported by some fantastic Year 7 & 8 sports leaders too. Well done Year 4 ☺

Year 6 Sportshall Athletics: East Devon Finals

Thursday 26th January

Adrenalin was high this afternoon as Gamze, Millie, Catie, Amber W, Courtney & Izzy; Ethan, Fin F, Thomas N, Ben T, Joseph & Devon prepared themselves to compete in the East Devon Finals of the Sportshall Athletics. Determination, perseverance and teamwork were all in fine display as they each pushed their comfort boundaries and challenged themselves to run, jump & throw further & faster than ever before! Twenty seconds may not seem like a long time, but how many times do you think you could jump over the speed bounce? Gamze & Millie made it 52 times! With the rest of the team reaching high 40s too! Amazing effort! The lap relays were fiercely contested and some impressive hurdling meant the girls squad needed a photo finish in their heat. With Devon bravely stepping in at the last minute, it meant that the boys squad was complete and they put on a fine team display during their lap relays too.

During the afternoon, all the schools were on the lookout for an athlete of a competing school who showed the Spirit of the Games value of 'Passion'; athletes who supported & encouraged their team mates, who never gave up, who tried their best, who were focused & enthusiastic. Choosing just one of our athletes for this was going to be tough as every member of the team were easily eligible for this award - the difficult decision fell to Kentisbeare Primary.....and they identified Catie. Well deserved. [😊]

The final results are yet to come through but each athlete should be feeling very proud of themselves and their performances today - everyone made a superb effort, well done [😊]

And a BIG 'thank you' to Ethan's mum & Joseph's dad for driving and supporting the team too. It was very much appreciated. [😊]

Around the School...


We continue to grow from strength-to-strength as we work towards the half-way point in the year (eeekkk! ...scary!) We would like to share a couple of reminders with parents and carers in this newsletter:

As a Unit, we continue to be plagued with this horrible sickness bug. It seems to have been lingering for many, many weeks now. If your child vomits or has a bout of diarrhoea we request that your child stays away from school for 48 hours after the last episode. We appreciate that this can be difficult but it is in the best interests of the other children and Unit staff.

We have been to the woods three times now and the children are developing confidence when it comes to exploring this new environment. As the weather continues to bite, could you please ensure that your child is suitably equipped for a morning in the open air. Warm jackets, layers of clothing, hats and suitable footwear are essential. In your change of clothes bag could you please provide shoes that have Velcro, not laces.

F2 parents will be invited to a 'meet-the-teacher' session during the last week of term. As always, this will be an opportunity to discuss your child's progress, to date, in all areas of school life. Please keep an eye out for your child's teacher's list from Monday of next week.

Year 1

In Bones' Big Idea the Elves and Sprites have been enjoying thinking about what a memory is and what special memories we can think of that have happened in our lives. This has been a really good way for children to start to think about the past and what history is! Many thanks for all the wonderful memories that were discussed for your child to share with the class. They inspired some special memory door printing, painting and drawing!

In storytelling, we have just written a 'class knock! knock!' story about some animals who come to the door. The children have been practising using 'and' and starting to use describing words (adjectives) to tell the reader about these visitors. They have just begun to create their own visitors behind the knock knock door for them to write about!

In maths, we have been looking at counting to and back from 20 in 1s and 2s, as well as understanding what the digits mean in a number such as 14 (1 group of ten and four ones is equal to 14!).Pupils have also started working on spellings in the morning when they come in and the focus up until half term will now be adding '-ed' '-ing' and '-er' on to root verbs. e.g. jump, jumped, jumping, jumper.

Last but not least! We have also started guided reading groups with all children through the course of the week. Please continue to support your child's reading progress with reading each night at home.

Year 2

Would you know what to do if you went to Wales and met a dragon? Year 2 do! So, Just in case you are planning to visit Wales in the near future, you might want to consult our handy guide books before you set off! In them you will find out just what each part of a dragon’s body is capable of doing. As dragons can be quite tricky creatures we have decided that over the next few weeks we will be helping Harmony Heritage to get those dragons under control once and for all!

Our BBI sessions this week have helped us to become experts on Cardiff. Did you know that it is where the famous author Roald Dahl came from? Do ask your child to tell you some more fascinating facts.

In Maths we are learning all about multiplication. So far we have found out that it is another way of writing a repeated addition equation and that it is commutative. We have been looking at how many groups of things we have and the number of things in that group so that we can write a multiplication equation.

Could we ask a favour? Do you have any old junk modelling bits and bobs that we could use? If you do, please could your child bring a carrier bag full before next Wednesday? Thank you

Year 3

What an exciting couple of weeks we have had in year 3! A dragon has been spotted flying over Honiton and we have been asked by BBC Spotlight to write a report about it! Miss Rousseau gave us the news last week and we have been working hard ever since to make sure our reports are of the highest quality! Keep your eyes peeled for signs of the Honiton Hornback - it has elegant peacock wings of beauty and mystical horns of wonder that face backwards!

We have been working really hard in maths learning how to use written methods for both multiplication and division. Our times tables have been so important - keep practising at home in your new times table book!

In our BBI we have been continuing our Victorian research. Ask us to tell you all about what life was like for children back then. We can also tell you some very interesting facts about Queen Victoria.

Keep reading at home and always make sure your reading book is in school!

Year 4

We had amazing news last week - Miss Rousseau called us in for an emergency assembly to tell us about the Honiton Hornback Dragon which was seen over night. BBC spotlight set us the challenge of writing the report to inform the rest of the area about the sighting. It has powerful wings of beauty and an elegant tail of mystery... You can't miss it! Year 4 were also lucky enough to attend a gymnastics festival at Honiton Community College. We had a go at lots of different gymnastic equipment and learnt new skills and techniques. We were very impressed with how high some of you could jump!! In maths we have been learning about the relationship between fractions and decimals, and we are really getting to grips with it.

Year 5

"One small step for man, one giant leap for Year 5!". It's all things space at the moment in Year 5. From learning about which planets are in our solar system, to how long it takes for us to orbit the sun, we are becoming 'out of this world' experts. In literacy, we have continued the sci-fi theme, learning all about report writing and creating our own reports on mighty machines and robots! In maths this half term we are focusing heavily on understanding fractions. From comparing and ordering, to adding and subtracting fractions, we are tackling them all.

Year 6

Year 6 have been learning all about the Anglo-Saxons, finding out who they were, what their jobs were and where they lived. We have made model Anglo-Saxon villages, complete with huts, rivers, churches and a high wall for protection!

In Science we have been looking at our solar system and finding out how the different planets orbit the sun and what gives us day and night.

In Storytelling we have focused on information texts, layout and paragraphing. We made our own junk model robots and wrote about their different parts. Our innovate writing is based on 'Ripley's Believe or Not' books, where we have got lots of great ideas about crazy transport! Over the last few weeks, in Maths, we have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages and the links between them.

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