ECO FIRE PIT by Summit King

Feel the heat without leaving a trace. Fires built on the ground overheat the organic soil and can destroy and scar the area. It may take a very long time for anything to grow in the spot where a fire was built. An established fire ring is a sacrificed spot in which fires are accepted to prevent destruction of other areas. In the absence of fire rings, rather than creating a fire directly on the ground, it is better to insulate the organic soil from the heat of your fire by using the ECO FIRE PIT.

$149.99 Retail Price. Click link below to find special pricing.

Undisturbed over all terrains
now you can cook and heat anywhere
Available in the Backcountry model Spring of 2017. Coming soon the larger Basecamp model.

Made from the lightest metals and then treated to take the extreme heat of up to 425*C / 800*F.

Convenient carrying case (free with purchase) to protect your other gear. Ideal for packing.

Low profile design allows for the fire to burn with minimum smoke as the fire is able to breath. Also heat is able to reach those sitting around it much better than a designated campground drum, and with the ability to elevate and put the Eco Fire Pit on many surfaces, you can bring the fire to the level you need it.

please use caution when creating any fire and take proper safety precautions for pre and post fire management. Metal plates will be hot immediately after fire, allow to cool.

6 individual aluminum pieces that store flat

Simply insert the notch section to the hook section

Hook piece lays over the top of the notch piece

Repeat process throughout all of the pieces

Once all pieces are assembles gently press to assure good assembly

Lay assembled Eco Fire Pit on flat surface

Add wood or charcoal to create fire in Eco Fire Pit and enjoy!

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