My Accident Noelle Bouvier

On January 12, 2017, I broke my tibia and fibula while figure skating. With my level of experience, I was not even doing anything hard when I fell. I was going into a spin and my blade got stuck in a rut in the ice. I knew immediately that it was broken, and I could not even stand up. They had to carry me off the ice on a stretcher. Thankfully, they only had to cut the laces on my skates. I had my first surgery the day after I got into the hospital to set the bone. I now have a metal plate and screws in my leg. Unfortunately, the next day I developed compartment syndrome. Compartment syndrome is very rare, and it is when the nerves get compacted and you can lose your feeling. They had to rush me into emergency surgery, and I was in the hospital for a week and out of school for five weeks. I had to get shots every night for thirty days to avoid blood clots. I have PT twice a week and now I can put a little weight on it as tolerated. It is extremely hard to catch up in school and I miss my skating terribly. This photo essay portrays my accident and the obstacles that I have had to face and am facing.

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