Empire Of Lies By Downseed


2011 | Rock

""Now we see through all the lies, we stand with the truth on our side. -- We're waking up the sleeping minds, and for our rights, we unite."


  • Empire Of Lies was sung by nate cupp who moved from guitar to vocals for this iteration of the band.
  • Downseed released records under Revolution Records until their breakup in 2012.
  • Songwriter Matt McConnell now runs The Wood Shop, a recording studio in Michigan.


Luke Tatum

This visceral jam is clearly inspired by the great Ron Paul. "Truth is treason in the empire of lies," as he is often quoted. The first verse is my favorite, though. It alludes to the popular practice of using religion and flags and idols to make the public feel like the United States still represents the ideals on which it was founded. In a very real sense, the masses "look away, and pray someone will stand for us." Bread and circuses keep the people from revolting. A sufficiently high standard of living does a lot to make people shrug their shoulders, even as the most horrible atrocities imaginable are committed abroad in our names.

Sherry Voluntary

An anthem of outrage and revolt, this song helps me get my game face on. It encourages the listener to stand against the empire of lies and fight the powers that be. The civil religion that is a tool of the authoritarian is represented in the first lines, “ They hide behind a cross, behind a flag that represents what's lost and we just look away, and pray someone will stand for us…” The twisting of the Christian religion with the symbols of the U.S. is a toxic poison of oppression. This diabolical partnership of the mystic and the brute is the age old enemy of liberty and must be recognized and defeated. We must do this in our own hearts and minds. We must stand for ourselves and reach out to others to help them cast of the chains of this twisted ideology.

Nicky P

I mean I don't want to be the one to point out that this is the first song to utilize a quote Ron Paul used routinely in it's lyrics...but it is. I also bet you have never heard this song before, because other than the youtube video below, it's never been released. But it's a gem I dug up out of a forum somewhere. The song begins by calling into question the idea that we look to others at all to advocate for us. Be it a minarchist wo begrudgingly believes in government or an anarchist like myself it's sure that most of us at the least understand that the only people with incentive enough to protect us is ourselves. The chorus of the song is a call to unite in nothing more than the understanding that we're al victims of a grerat lie by the ost powerful state to ever exist. The idea of freedom it calls out with it's echoes of Dr Paul in the second verse. It wraps everything up with the highlighted section, which I think really plays out the whole gist of the movement. We are many and to us the idea of a collective is downright disgusting, but there is strength in numbers if we can all educate our brothers on how the world truly is. I know easier than it sounds but I'm a sucker for a good battle cry. If ever there was a "Just War" surely it's one against your oppressors in Washington.

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Nicky P

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