How the USA started 5 parts

In 1492, Columbus sailed across the Atlantic ocean from Spain to the Dominican Republic. He thought it was Asia. This was very important as this was the first person ever to come to what would be the United States.

In 1607, Jamestown became the first successful English settlement in North America. The leader of this colony was John Smith and the company that funded it was the Virginia Company. The people there were getting very rich off of tobacco. This one town would lead to more and more and more towns. They would form the 13 colonies.

In 1775, this was the first two battles of the Revolutionary war that propelled our country into its independence. This was the first time that British and American troops had fired on each other.

George Washington crossed the Delaware river in 1776 to attack unsuspecting Hessian troops and raise troop morale in a long and cold winter in Pennsylvania.

In 1777, this becomes the turning point in the war for us as we gain the help of the French, because this battle showed that we had the potential to win the war. From here we win a lot more battles.

The final battle of the war, in 1781, Yorktown, results in us winning the war and the British going away. They sign a treaty that restricts them from being in the USA.

In 1783 The Treaty of Paris makes British go away, give us land, and give us rights to be an independent country. This was important because now the USA was officially now a country and could govern itself.

The war of 1812 pits us against England one more time as we find out there are still British troops in America, there were British and Indians attacking us, and there were English attacking us at sea. We decided to go to war and we won. This was the final war that made us be able to be an independent country without anyone attacking us anymore.

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