In the U.S. During the time of the case, not much was occurring related to gun control. Leading up to the event, the police officer that sued the government was turned down for a license to own a gun to keep at home. No previous cases were like the one of an officer being disallowed a weapon at home.

I agree with the decision. The police officer and really anyone should be allowed a weapon at home. The court agreed with Heller. An interpretation of the second amendment lead to the supreme courts decision. Antonin Scalia wrote the opinion. The summary stated that it is unconstitutional for a government to prohibit guns at an individual's home. This violates the second amendment.

The case has impacted how future cases of guns will be handled. It has also given us more rights with weapons. It has not changed history just because it was in 2008. However, most likely it will change how future cases of guns are handled and will be used then. If the decision was in favor of D.C.'s hands, then people could have seen less gun rights.

Who? Dick Anthony Heller and District of Columbia

What? Guns and the allowance of guns at home

Where? District of Columbia

Why? Dick Anthony Heller was not allowed to have a weapon at home. Heller himself was a police officer and carried one at work. But, D.C. disallowed him a gun license for home and for his safety.


This case was made famous because gun control as a whole was and is a hot topic.

The controversial topic discussed in the Columbia V Heller case is gun control

No individual in the Columbia V Heller case was wrongfully accused or jailed.

The case was appealed on the grounds of violating the constitutions second amendment.

The prosecution and defense did not use any evidence to prosecute or defend the defendant.

No mistakes in the Columbia V heller case were noted that the prosecution and/or the defense make in court?

No mistakes were made and no corrections were needed.

The media in the Columbia V Heller case weren't really involved and did not change how the case was handled.

Hellers age, race, and gender did not affect the final decision of the Supreme Court case.

During 2008, Gun control was a fairly big topic. So, yes, gun control was already a topic then.

The Columbia V Heller case is still discussed today. This was a landmark case because it added to the topic of gun control. The majority of the court ruled it unconstitutional to disallow people to have firearms.

The decision of this case will affect the future of gun control cases. Most likely, a case like this one, the Supreme Court will fall back on this case and their decision to help decide.

American thoughts and society on gun control hasn't changed much. More now though, people push for gun control more than they did in 2008. Gun control, as a topic, grows everyday.

I believe that the majority that decided was correct. The amendment was made for protection. If us as Americans weren't allowed weapons, then the government and military would have power, which the second amendment was made to prevent. For cases like this, the Supreme Court should rule not in favor of gun control.

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