Live beats Zoom...!

Dear OFS Community,

Ramadan is the best time to make or break a habit

We started the week talking about Ramadan and the true value of any form of abstinence, patience, reflection and worship. I know that many members of our community are taking part and where, like Lent for Christians, the focus is often upon fasting or giving something up, there is so much more to this season.

Faith is a thing of wonder and an opportunity to build true understanding that goes far deeper than policy words such as ‘tolerance’ and I take huge heart knowing that our children, staff and parents share their stories with pride and acceptance of each other.

In these incredibly turbulent times I see joy, grace and love in the conversations that are taking place in this school!

Where service and gratitude can fuel your relationships; entitlement and expectation are likely to poison them.

Verse Speaking

On Thursday it was lovely to be hosting our verse speaking competition, live for the first time in our theatre in 2 years and whilst it was nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time, it was amazing to be present, truly ‘present’! We were treated to musical interludes that reminded all of us that Zoom is a poor substitute for live!

I would like to thank Ms Ashe, Head of English at Harrow, who joined us as our adjudicator – she had her work cut out but offered such personal and thoughtful feedback to each reader making the experience even more special.

Congratulations to Vikram Navin Chandra in Yr6 and Aarav Dhir in Yr7 who were our winners

If parents would like to view a recording of the event, please follow the link below:

First Fixture

After 410 long days without competitive inter-school sport, it was fantastic to welcome Chesham Grammar to our immaculate pitch – the weather appeared to ignore the occasion but little was going to stop these teams taking to the field!

We racked up an impressive 148 runs in a shortened 15 over game, with Neharen scoring a truly impressive 55 runs! Our bowlers were on the money and we opened the season with an impressive win by 93 runs – a great start to the season, here’s to the weather also being on our side in the weeks ahead!

Neharen told me that his plan was to settle in...the first ball raced to the longest boundary...
Not what you want as your first ball but Rahul gave it what it deserved!
Neharan did play some defensive shots...
...but he also expressed himself!
How Dev managed to avoid an edge, I'll never know!
All good things come to an end - but a great opening innings!
Chesham were pleased to see Neharen depart!
We gave them very little to score from...
...with pacey, tight lines!
Sportsmanship cannot be taught via webinars, Zoom calls or talking, it has to be lived!

A huge thank you to Chesham Grammar for coming over and we wish them all the best with the rest of their season.

It was amazing to get back into more familiar moments this week and it feels like such a privilege to host real experiences again! I know that it was frustrating for parents not to have been able to join us – although, I hear that there is a group of parents considering hiring an open top bus to park on South Hill Ave for future events! I'm delighted that parents are living out our Thinking Skills – Initiative! However, we’re nearly there…

Tim Calvey