Kites in the kite runner Rylee baLdwin 4

Looking up and seeing colorful, beautiful flying kites as Amir , Hassan, sohra, all deal with kites throughout the book, good moments and bad moments to. Hosseini has the kites symbomlized in many ways in the kite runner, as people, actions, mood. The many ways kites can make a story change

The book opens with with Amir as his older self and looking up and seeing kites which remind him of his past, Hassan. The kite was a bind between Amir and Hassan when they were little. Amir said "I glanced up and saw a pair of kites, red with long blue tails, soaring high in the sky" Amir takes it in as when himself and Hassan flew kites.

Amir and Hassan were a team when it came to kite flying. They were brothers but things happen and now all he heard was Hassan whisper

For you, a thousand times over

With the emotion just in the beginning it was already hard enough for Amir to keep himself together. The kites in the beginning are symboled as Hassan and all the memories they had together

Kite runner competition

One of the biggest kite races was going on, Amir and Hassan wanted to join. This day Amir saw something out of baba his father that he's never seen before , Amir also saw some things he might not of wanted to see

" then I saw Baba on our roof. He was standing on the edge, pumping both of his fists. Hollering and clapping "

Amir and Hassan had just won the competition , Amir has never seen Baba this happy before. Baba has never paid much attention to Amir While Amir and his father were cleabrating Hassan had gone to get the kite. The blue kite that Amir cut off the other guys string. But in the middle of trying to get it something terrible had happen.

Getting this really important kite for Amir , Hassan was put up against three thought guys. Assef the worst of them had said "because today, its only going to cost you that blue kite. " But being a loyal friend Hassan is fought for that kite but he got raped. The kite in this part of the book resembles how much loyalty Hassan gives to Amir it cause Hassan so much pain and Amir... just watched it all hapeen

The end of the book shows Hassan's son, Sohra looking up at the sky with Amir in American. Amir brought back Hassan's son for protection . " then just like that , the green kite was spinning and wheeling out of control." They just had a ki the flying game. And they won

" for you, a thousand times over

Hassan had told amir that same line when they won the kite flying contest. Amit and Sohra were flying kites just like young amir, it was like it was happening all over again.

Hosseini really put the kites into so many symbols like a good moment between hassan and amir when they were kids and even bad memories when they were little they always show up in the book. the detail is amazing at how he put the kite in many details about the moments

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Rylee Baldwin


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