Electives at Prhs by Jordy Rodriguez

Electives at Paso Robles High School are meant for students to find their hidden talents and their find some hobbies. All the electives have a purpose like they can help some students because it helps them pursue a career that they want, and they also let some students enter into to some competitions like SkillsUSA or PRHS Film Festival. For example some students take the AV classes to get better at filming to enter into the Film Festival. Electives play a big role in students freedom at the high school because they can choose what electives they want. However sometimes students don’t get the electives that they want

I asked fellow student at PRHS what he thought about the issue, he responded with a possible solution, “...more room for people in welding, because everyone tries to get in…”
"I would want a class that would be all about photography, because in IMJ I feel like there isn't enough."

Some other students want more electives for certain interests, like some people want a game development class, some want a class on digital art and graphic design, and some just want a music class that isn’t band. No one knows if these will ever become an actual elective in the future but we all would want them to be at the school for us to enjoy. Electives at school are all just there to help you find something that you like and some career that you want to pursue. Even though theyre just there they are still required for you to pass high school because you need to complete elective classes to get the required credits to graduate.

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