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Summer festivals are a huge part of our culture. From Heritage festivals and Fringe, to Stampede and Jamborees, you can find a festival, somewhere, any weekend.

Outdoor weddings are more and more popular, with large white tents being used as a reception venue, and even the plan B of the perfect garden ceremony, when Mother Nature decides to be not so perfect.

Community ball tournaments, County beer gardens. Industry trade shows. At Superior Show Service we offer 3 tent options, each in a variety of sizes, all with unlimited rental add-ons to complete your one stop tent rentals.

Pole Tents

Our pole tent rentals are a fabulous choice if you are having a large-scale gathering, such as a pancake breakfast, or festival. Pole tents are all-purpose rental tents available in sizes starting at 40’ x 40’ and going all the way to an enormous 90’ x 240’!

Pole tent rentals are one of the most popular tent designs due to their eye-catching tall peaks which offer high interior ceiling heights making the space feel even larger. These swooping peaks are held up by centre poles every twenty feet down the tent. If the pole tent rental is for a ceremony, concert or special presentation, please remember that the centre poles will need to be accounted for in your design.

Due to their design and size, all pole tents must be staked into the ground. For the safety of our staff, we will require a line locate report before the installation of any pole tent rental. This will allow us to ensure that there are no underground utility lines near the stakes.

Frame Tents

Superior Show Service frame tent rentals are available in a variety of sizes from 10’x10’ to 30’x30’. Frame tent rentals have a centre pole in the peak, supported by diagonal cross cables for an obstruction free interior space. This makes them ideal for outdoor vendors at trade shows, as well as an intimate family gathering, customer appreciation event, or festival as there are no centre poles to interfere with your floor plan or decor.

Frame tent for outdoor trade show vendor, complete with rental furniture, accessories, and flooring

Frame tent rentals can be used on their own, or joined together with a tent gutter to create a larger space, perfect for beer gardens!


The newest addition to our tent lineup are clearspan tent rentals. Available in a variety of widths; 30’, 40’ and 60’, these beauties are extremely versatile, offering style and function. Their engineered structure allows for a large tent rental that has 10’ high side walls (available with solid and window walls) and doesn’t require any centre poles for support of the arched roof. With no centre poles to obstruct line of sight, the floor plan possibilities are endless.

Heated Clearspan tent with hanging lights and vendors

Our clearspan tent rentals are winter rated for use all year long, which makes them a popular option for winter festivals. Clearpan tent rentals open concept design makes the perfect outdoor space for your next concert, presentation, ceremony or festival. Consider this option for your corporate function, as a stage cover, or an elegant outdoor event.

Year Round, all Weather

Festivals and events aren't just for summer anymore, and neither are our tents! Winter festivals such as Edmonton's annual Silver Skate Fest are more and more popular, bringing in new opportunities for tourism and urban celebration.

Our tent rental inventory are all manufactured in Alberta. Using a Canadian owned company ensures that our tents are all engineered for the conditions of our Canadian climate.

Stage Covering

Our clearspan rental tent is available in 30’, 40’ or 60’ widths and multiple lengths starting at 15’ to best fit your stage covering needs. With 10’ high sidewalls and no centre poles to obstruct line of sight. This allows for great versatility to cover just your stage or extend the tent to create a covered seating or dance area.

SIlverskate winter festival main stage

Safety First

All tent rentals need to be secured to the ground for safety. Before the installation of any event rental tents, we require a copy of the line locate report for our staff’s safety to ensure that underground lines are not damaged by the stakes. When underground utility lines are present, or when staking is not an option, tents can be secured with cement blocks.

cement block or stakes to secure tents

Event Rental Tent Accessories

Our tent accessories are the final touch needed to bring your vision into reality. Flooring, lighting, and heating/cooling will bring your next event from ho-hum to breathtaking.

plywood flooring with carpet - heaters into winter rated tents - lighting effect in frame VIP tents

Turn your event into an extra special affair with this simple addition of our flooring tent accessories. Various options are available to meet your needs and budget from simple cushion flooring to synthetic lawn or raised plywood flooring that can be topped with carpet.

Tent lighting is one of the simplest tent accessories to create atmosphere in your rental tent. From basic lighting to our wall wash lights, contact us to discuss the difference lighting can make in your tent rental.

Looking for tips on tent accessories, decorating, or to determine that best size tent for your rental needs? Read our 4 Must-Know Tips for Event Tents

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