Portfolio Reflection Nikki fuentes- Creative photogRaPhy

This is my favorite picture from the beginning of this class. This picture shows contrast. You can see the contrast between the red of the flowers and the green of the leaves.
Before and after
This photo is of beautiful green leaves, but I added a black & white effect on it. The effect gives a more dramatic feel to it.
Inspired by Suren Manvelyan
This is my favorite because the black and white sets the mood of the picture. It gives it a more dramatic effect as the subject just stares out the window.
This still life is my favorite because it's not a typical flower picture that just shows the front facing flower. It incorporates another angle that's not typically photographed.
This picture shows a true candid photo. I secretly took a picture of the initial reaction to a joke one of the subjects told. It shows the fun nature of people.
I feel this is one of my strongest pictures because it incorporates a lot of things I wouldn't normally think of when taking pictures before. You have the focus on the flower, the contrast of the flower from the leaves, and the lighting that highlights the flower perfectly. I have learned this and more from the class. This is a class that taught me skills I'll always be able to use in daily life. It gave me a new perspective on the world. I can see the world with new eyes.
This is my favorite photograph because it describes me. I love to go shopping and always come home with tons of bags. It's different from my other pictures because it gives a look into my own life.

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