Westport's outdoor market exposes our community to unique forms of art Rebecca Kanfer '21

Westport's Outdoor Market, hosted by the local boutique Savvy and Grace displayed different local vendors artwork in our county.

The market, lined with vendors was located in downtown Westport and took place Sunday, May 5th. Due to weather related reasons, the market was set-up underneath a tunnel.
One of the numerous vendor displays at the market was the "Recycled Bags by Susan," tote style bags made solely from recyclable products. "It is the craft of recycling with "PLARN" (plastic yarn). Susan Silver, creator of these bags said. "It feels like giving a new life form for these used bags."
Along with the eco-friendly bags, the market also showcased local jewelry markers pieces and collections.
"The market allowed me to discover new brands and pieces." Arden Scherer '21 said. "It exposed to companies within my community that I did not know prior to this market."
Amongst the accessories, nature seemed to be a common theme throughout the displays. Terrariums and bouquets of flowers were also being advertised by the markets venders.

This portable coffee shop marked the finish line of the parade of vendors. Here, shoppers were able to relax and regain warmth on the rainy day.

Photos by Rebecca Kanfer '21

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