Evaluating Information Health Ocean view hs



Is the information listed with an author (not just for the website but for actual content)?

Is the information confirmed by another source (provided on the website or via student research)?

Does the website have an agenda or a specific target audience?


Is the domain a .gov, .org, or .edu?

Can you find the author or authors of the website? Are they credible sources of information?

Are there lots of advertisements on the page?


When was the website developed? (usually near bottom of site)

When was it last reviewed? Last updated?

Do specific articles or content within the website include dates?

Do the links on the website work?

Ease of use & access

Is the website easy to use?

Can you easily find the information you are looking for?

Is the information easy to read and understand?


What types of information is this website best used for?

Who should use this website?

What types of questions can be answered at this website?


Is the content on the website supported by appropriate research?

Is the content on the website supported by other reputable resources?

Is the website supported or funded by reputable and reliable sources?

Benes, S., & Alperin, H. (2016). The essentials of teaching health education: Curriculum, instruction, and assessment.


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