Unobtrusive, Long Lasting, Indispensable

Non-return valves, a.k.a check valves, are very small components, usually buried deep inside the machine. They need to be able to withstand the constant high stresses for as long as possible and must deliver absolutely reliable service.

Repairing hard-to-access parts of the system is costly and time-consuming. Reliable check valves that will not fail in service thus directly boost the operational readiness of machines and vehicles. And quality pays big dividends here.

One-Way Street RKVE

Check valves allow flow in one direction only and prevent return flow in the opposite direction. What sounds so easy – a "one-way street principle" – is actually a sophisticated technology that has been refined again and again over the years.

50 percent higher flow for the same pressure differential

The user saves energy and, depending on the application, may be able to use smaller valves.

Top-to-bottom redesign

The new check valve stands out thanks to its guided valve poppet with internal spring. The stroke was increased to optimize the valve’s Delta P values. The body and seat are press-fitted together and, like the poppet, are hardened.

The classic application

Plastic injection molding machine

Uninterrupted operation of plastic injection molding machines demands the highest availability from all components. In applications such as this, the new check valves from Bucher Hydraulics are marked out by their long service life without maintenance.

Smart shut-off

Low leakage is an absolute must for self-propelled harvesters, which is why dependable check valves with the best possible sealing are needed in this application.

Robust partner

Mobile cranes have to operate smoothly even under the most adverse conditions. Check valves with a spring-loaded poppet/seat are robust, reliable and insensitive to contamination and are therefore suitable for these harsh environments.

Other applications:

Wind Power Plants

Agricultural Engineering

Die Casting Machine

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