Francesco Primaticcio By: Emily desmarais

Francesco Primaticcio was born on April 30th, 1504 in Bologna, Italy. He traveled to many places to do artwork until 1572 when he moved to France. He did not get an education at a school but he did excel at art by having previous art jobs before. The jobs that helped him were: being painter, architect, and draftsman, a person who designs detailed drawings. Francesco worked with many other painters and most likely in result of that he learned techniques from them. Over his life, he had done a countless amount of painting jobs. He created paintings such a the Fontainebleau. Many different artists collaborated with Francesco to create and decorate different types of art. Alongside of another artist, he decorated Palazzo Te, a palace in Italy.

Palazzo del Te

With the help of another artist, Francesco painted the ceilings over the Palazzo del Te in 1531. The building is still standing today and is available for people to tour in Mantova, Italy. This building was, and still is very significant because the architecture used Mannerism, an artistic style that was popular in Italy. There were also multiple paintings that went from the ceiling to the floor, which required time and detail. Personally, I find the architecture of the building interesting because the paintings must have taken a very long time to design which shows Francesco's dedication to his art. The architecture of the building shows secularism because most the paintings are of multiple people who must have been important enough to paint pictures of. In another artwork, there are soldiers that represent political power and shows a war, an important event. Mannerism was also included. Mannerism is a style in European art that was popular during the Renaissance.


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