What's the point

Ok summer is coming so all of the old classics will be out so it's time to get your head round points and condensers

The system consists of coil points and condenser the points when CLOSED charge the coil when they open the spark is produced. The condenser stops a spark forming at the points causing a poor spark.

How it works the coil has a 12 volt feed at one side of the coil and the negative goes back to the points where it earths through the points i when the points open the spark is produced

Common fault

Poor connection on points (no spark)

Insulation on points failed causing short to earth(points should be , open 0 amps on coil lead points closed 1-3 amps)

Plastic lob on points worn and no points gap(should me around the width of card board e.g. Use coil box card)

Photo above is for illustration only

Rotor arm test use the insulated pliers hold the king lead above the rotor arm whilst it on the distributor crank engine and hold the king lead over the rotor arm if it is faulty the spark will jump onto the rotor arm

To fix if part not available cut the rotor arm in half then make a craken tape sandwich then glue together. This will stop the spark from shorting through the rotor arm

Or a cork and safety pin

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