DTC #68: Vino & Vista A wine enduced strOll through hidden history of old





Sip on an unknown wine in the classic local joint of your wino dreams.

Share pizzas and pastas at a hidden BYOB Italian hang out.

Size up your mitts before stepping foot in Hollywood history to catch a flick.

The Vista Theater opened on October 9, 1923 (back then as the Lou Bard Playhouse) to the film "Tips" starring child actress Baby Peggy. You can find her hand prints in the cement out front.
Stop 1

Curated Wine starts with an adjective

• 6:30pm to 7:15pm •

The early evenings sun glistens against the ivy covered brick building of Covell to illuminate a “not so LA” typical hangout. Once you pass through the door it’s not so typical interior exposes a relaxed yet fun wine scene...

  • Owner’s Dustin Lancaster and Matthew Kaner couldn’t be from further places with the same vision/history. Dustin an Oklahoma native who bartended at Silverlake mainstay Bar Stella for year and Matthew a Santa Barbara guy who ended up moving up the ranks at Silverlake Wine. P.S. Covell is the name of a street in Oklahoma.
  • The bar carries over 150 wines but only displays a handful. Come prepared with an “adjective” to describe your mood because you may be asked when you’re trying to decide. Dig into the experience and taste a few to find what you like.
  • You can purchase a bottle of most wines to go which sets you up perfectly for BYOB at Stop 2. Bottles start around $40.
  • The second floor is actually an 8 room hotel with an incredible design story. Based on the fictitious story of George Covell each room represents a chapter of his life. Like Chapter 1’s bachelor pad vibes and chapter 4 based on his travels in Morocco and India.
Stop 2


• 7:30pm to 8:35pm •

The Hollywood Blvd. traffic whizzes by empty tables outside The Sit Down. Questioning whether to head inside you open the door to fan fare and a flaming pizza oven turning the room an orange glow...

  • This is the second installment of Executive Chef Maurizio Iacono's casual italian eatery. The other is on Melrose near Fairfax.
  • This spot is a welcomed BYOB. You can grab a bottle from stop #1 (starting at $40) or you can head across the street to Vons for a more economical choice.
  • Hailing from Sicily Chef Iacono adopted his grandmas recipes before immigrating here in 1978.
  • The menu is an array of pizzas, pastas, apps, and salads. It's your standard italian joint but you've come for the wood fired pizzas. The fig prosciutto is like pizza candy. They also have gluten free pizza for a few extra bucks.
Stop 3

Grab a flick in a golden era gem

• 8:45pm til the credits •

The rapidly changing intersection of Hollywood, Sunset and Virgil adorns construction fences and darkened buildings ready for rehab. In the midst of this gentrifying metamorphosis is a shining beacon of Hollywood’s past that’s outlasted most migrations of the city, The Vista Theater...

  • Opened in 1923 apparently the Egyptian theme is from a massive set from the 1916 film "Intolerence" which sat at the sight of the location for years. Some people believe the discovery of King Tuts tomb in 1922 caused Egypt-mania.
  • The theater has both a Sony digital and 35-mm film projectors leading to some of the best films being requested and shown on actual film, sometimes, a week in advance. Pay attention, Tarantino's movie is coming (wink)
  • Among the hand prints outside are John C Reilly, Vince Vaughn, Elvira and JGL. Find em all!

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