Revolutions in Technology By: dylan de baldo

Past: The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial revolution was another one of those extraordinary jumps forward in the story of civilization-Stephen Gardiner


A farming revolution made food healthier and made it more available due to new invented innovations in farm equipment
Due to Britains plentiful of resources such as currency, coal, and iron it made it an ideal place for skilled mechanics to create new technology and for them to gain investors
The population boom due to more available food and healthier food created more workers that were healthier and therefore more reliable

Technological advancements

Steam boats harnessed newly invented steam power in order to be able to provide enough energy to push a boat upstream efficiently where normally boats could only go downstream efficiently

Steam-powered locomotive also harnessed steam power in order to travel much faster that coal powered trains

Steam tractor
Steam engine

The Spinning Jenny was made to shorten the spinning process by having the user spin a wheel which would allow the machine to spin 8 threads of cotton at once

Dikes were created by building a barrier to hold off water in order to create new land in which could be farmed on


Seed drills were made to accurately and efficiently place seeds and in large numbers which made it so that farmers did not have to plant seeds individual by hand

Pros Vs. Cons

  • There were many inventions that allowed for quicker transportation and trade
  • There were many inventions that allowed for quicker transportation and trade
  • There was a big increase in population which meant that there were many people that needed work which lead to a lot getting done in terms of manual labor
  • Food was healthier and plentiful due to the new agricultural inventions
  • New machinery and cramped spaces in factories led to a dangerous workplace that often injured laborors
  • The increase in factories led to the beginning of pollution which began damaging the environment greatly
  • The population boom led to cramped cities, workplaces, and less sterile environments

Present: The Digital Revolution

The digital Revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing-Douglas Englebart


Rich people invested in companies in order to help them expand and manufacture more expensive and advanced products
People needed a more efficient way to organize information without all the clutter that paper caused
There was a need to make calculations easier and with them being able to be done digitally it made it much quicker and accurate

Technological Advancements

With the onset of the digital revolution the brick like first phone was made by Motorola in 1973 which opened a gate way to a billion dollar mobile device industry

Apple iphone
Samsung Galaxy

Social networking became a very popular industry and successful industry. People were excited to be connected to millions of other people across the world with thre touch of a button.


In invention of the internet came in 1969 and has since grown to a mass where you can download almost anything inimaginable or find the answer to a question within seconds.

Pros Vs. Cons

  • With all of the new digital invitations it made multi tasking much easier. For example with the digital revolution you can make a phone call with someone half way across the country while you type up a report
  • The digital revolution has created a more connected world with the combination of the internet and social networking it made it possible to connect with millions of people that was never thought possible
  • Social networking has been a pro and a cons because it had connected the world but it has also opened a new form of harrasment and bullying. People can hide behind fake screen names and bully people to extremes.
  • With the invention of handheld devices it's opened up to a new type of physical addiction where people of all ages are unable to put down their devices for a couple minutes without checking it which can be extremely un healthy

Future: The Transportaion Revolution

Advances in technology will continue to reach far into every sector of our economy. Future growth in transportation industry is directly related to scientific advancement-Christopher Bond


There is a current need for cheaper transportation. Some forms of transportation such as a cab or bus may be too much for some to afford.
There is a need for faster transportation that way you can spend the majority of your time working or doing things you'd like to rather than spending that time traveling.
As natural resources decrease around the world there is becoming a need for energy efficient means of transportation.

Technological Advancements

Self driving cars have the potential to completely irradiate automobile related incidents which could greatly decrease how many deaths there are yearly

Distracted driving
Distracted not driving

The hyper loop is a means of transportation capable of transporting passenger or cargo at a rate of 1200Km/h in tubes the hyper loop uses renewable energy and is built to withstand quakes and crashes

Teleportation is the immediate travel of a person or cargo from one place to another. This has the potential to revolutionize how people live, strategies for war, and there are many more possibilities

Smart cars can reduce the use of natural resources exponentially by using electric energy as a replacement

A maglev uses magnets to create lift and propolsuion which decreases the amount of friction between the body of the craft and the rail way.

Maglev in Shanghai 

Pros Vs Cons

  • Decreased death rate due to self driving cars
  • Self driving cars can decreases alcohol related incidents
  • These new means of transportation are energy efficient and can help decreases the world pollution output
  • With most modes of transportation being technological this can become a high-risk because of hackers
  • With teleportation it could be hard to monitor who goes where so this might help criminals commit crimes
  • When first introduced to the public these forms of transportation may be very expensive
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