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SUPRAVERSALISM: It might be that...

  1. The Supraverse is a limitless, dimensionless realm that corresponds to that which transcends humankind (some call it “Heaven”, “Unlimited Possibility", “Infinite Energy", etc.) and constitutes the first "named thing" after what Taoists refer to as “the unnameable Tao”.
  2. The Supraversal Spirit (which some call “God”, “Allah”, “Yahweh”, “Brahman”, etc.) represents a transcendent presence to which some attribute both our existence, and all that we experience.
  3. The Supraversal Spirit manifests within the Universe as the Universal Spirit (sometimes called "the Holy Spirit”, "Qi", “Advaita”, “Buddha Nature”, etc.)
  4. The Universal Spirit forms the most fundamental essence of every human being, referred to as the Human Spirit (some call it “soul”, “Atman”, or “noumenal self”/“doppelganger”, etc.).
  5. Supraversalists recognize wave harmonics as an organizing force of the Universe, and believe ever-increasing harmony among humankind constitutes our collective imperative. Harmony can only be achieved through universal love, respect, kindness, caring, compassion, and understanding .
  6. The Supraversal/Universal dynamic is articulated through various non-mutually exclusive “bridges” to personal conceptualization, denominated as world religions and aspects of science, math, philosophy, and the arts.
  7. Supraversalists recognize that core elements of Supraversalism transcend our ability to establish supporting proof or evidence, which makes belief in Supraversalism an exercise of pure faith.
  8. Supraversalists believe dogmatism is antithesis to mutual understanding, while humility is critical for acknowledging the point of transcendence which, by its very definition, demarcates that which is beyond direct human knowledge and experience. “It IS...”, therefore, necessarily gives way to, “It MIGHT be that...”.

A dimensionless realm is one with neither time nor space. That can be difficult to think about since we've spent every waking second of our life in a dimensional realm where things move through space over time. How can there be "time and space" AND "neither time nor space". This might provide a very high level intuition for it:

Imagine a scenario where we go to RedBox and rent a movie. We get home, put the DVD into the DVD player and sit back and watch. As the movie unfolds on the screen we observe space (a field, or house, or wherever the movie is set), and we observe things happening over time (whatever time frame the story covers).

Now imagine a second scenario where we go to Redbox and rent the SAME movie (same DVD even). This time, when we get home we set the DVD on the coffee table and sit back and watch. We DON'T observe any space or anything happening over time...yet it's the SAME movie.

Sometimes we get confused about how things ARE vs how they APPEAR TO US. We can only experience things through the "DVD player" particular to humans, but that doesn't mean that reflects the TRUE nature of things. Physicists conducted an experiment where they set up a "toy universe" and demonstrated that while time would pass for "internal observers", it would be absent for "external observers" (the perspective sometimes referred to as the "lap of God").

Time and space seem to be characteristics of the observer rather than the observed. This is not too dissimilar to the chair we would swear is red. But then we remember that it APPEARS red to us because the light waves whose frequency register as "red" in our visual cortex bounce OFF of the chair. Well then what color IS the chair? Color isn't a property of the observed, it's a description particular to the observer.

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Of course not. When trees fall they displace air molecules around them, sending out waves of oscillating changes in air pressure. The End. Now, if an observer is there with ears that can convert changes in air pressure to what they sense as sound...THEN "sound" comes into play.

Generally speaking, this is why we say "it MIGHT BE" rather than "it IS". We are humble enough to recognize that it seems we can only observe things through the "DVD player" that is particular to humans (5 senses, limited number of neurons that work the way they do, etc.).

IF logic is a valid construct, then we can’t know anything for sure because we can’t escape the limits of our humanity to verify such absolute knowledge. If logic is NOT a valid construct, then {void}.

Dogmatism...being sure that your way of understanding something is THE way...can be counter-productive. That isn't ALWAYS the case - some people simply aren't comfortable with ambiguity, and so dogmatism provides them with helpful comfort without leading to them harming anyone else. On the other hand, groups of humans have killed each other by the thousands over the years because they are SURE their way of thinking about the Supraversal Spirit is THE way (or their political view is THE view, etc.).

Physicists define “energy” as the “potential to do work in a closed system”.

The Universe is a closed system where matter is neither created nor destroyed.

“Work” is defined as something moving from one point in space to another. On a macro level, it could be a bowling ball moving from one end of the lane to the other.

On a quantum level, movement could be a vibrating “string” from string theory making one itsy bitsy, teeny weeny vibrational change in position - from “back” to “forth” (imagine a plucked guitar string vibrating from back to forth). Movement in space is also referred to as something “happening”.

“Potential” is synonymous with “Possibility”.

Hence, "energy" is "the possibility of something happening in the Universe.”

Science and religion are NOT necessarily mutually exclusive. For example, the bible quotes Jesus as saying, “...with God, all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26), which could be interpreted as describing God as "the possibility of all things". In Supraversalism, the Supraversal Spirit (aka God) represents the “unlimited possibility” of the Supraverse, which would be called "infinite energy" by a physicist.

If you consider the Supraverse as “unlimited possibility”, that could also correspond to the Multiverse physicists speak of. Let's think of the Supraverse as all possible movies (i.e. unlimited movies). Let's think of our experience of the universe as ONE of those movies.

Each possible movie can be said to be DETERMINED in the sense that each “exists” at the Supraverse level, but one specific movie exists for us as the Universe that we experience. Each time a living organism within the Universe exercises FREE WILL to make a choice, that choice combines with all others to determine which of all possible movies will be the one we experience. In that sense, each of us can be considered to be an "actor/director", with every decision we make, and everything we do, having an impact on the movie that EVERYONE will experience. That can be an empowering thought, although we have to recognize that ALL living organisms make choices, including worms, slime mold, and fruit flies - so there's that.

Changing the entire universe with every choice!

Sometimes there are ways of connecting to the Supraverse that are articulated artistically.

"Probing the Point of Transcendence"
A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty...We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.

Albert Einstein

Entanglement of E8E8 Exceptional Lie Symmetry Group Dark Energy, Einstein’s Maximal Total Energy and the Hartle-Hawking No Boundary Proposal as the Explanation for Dark Energy

Mohamed S. El Naschie, World Journal of Condensed Matter Physics, Vol.4 No.2(2014), Article ID:45666,4 pages


The present note is concerned with two connected and highly important fundamental questions of physics and cosmology, namely if E8E8 Lie symmetry group describes the universe and where cosmic dark energy comes from. Furthermore, we reason following Wheeler, Hartle and Hawking that since the boundary of a boundary is an empty set which models the quantum wave of the cosmos, then it follows that dark energy is a fundamental physical phenomenon associated with the boundary of the holographic boundary. This leads directly to a clopen universe which is its own Penrose tiling-like multiverse with energy density in full agreement with COBE, WMAP and Type 1a supernova cosmic measurements.

E8 Lie Group
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