Robot Snail Lena, vinnie, and kai

This is our art robot invention. It depicts a snail, and it paints with the front part of the of the head.

This was our very first sketch of our robot snail. We had orginally planned for it to have wheels, but we decided that it would be too difficult to build and code.
On the right is the little sponge and in the middle is the wooden axel and dowel, which allowed the prototype to move.
This was our first prototype, it would roll around on the little wooden dowels, and would paint using the little sponge on the back.

Our original plan for the snail was for it to move like a car, but that would take a lot of work and coding, so we decided that it would be best if we move the brush from the back to the front and have it turn. So it would move on it's own and paint at the same time.

Right now the sponge was in back
But now it is up front, we also made holes on the side to put the cords through to connect the hummingbird to a power source. We also made a hole in the back for a sound sensor.

To make to the paint brush turn, we attached a servo onto the front. This allowed the robot to move in a circular motion. The last part was to mix some really cool paint and we were set.

We mixed some paint in a cup, and dumped some on the paint. When we held the snail, we were able to create art ( such as the art up above ).

Our thoughts about the the art robot snail, were that this was going to take a long time. Which did but not as long as we thought. At first we had to figure out how we wanted our robot to work. Once we figured it out (which is to move in a diagonal line, with a servo) we felt more relaxed about how long it would take.

I definitely feel that my skills as a coder have improved over the course of this project, especially working with the humming bird. I am able to better understand how the coding should work.

What another group did was having an robotic arm flipping from one side to another. Ours was the whole robot moving, but theirs one part moving. We found their ideas really interesting.

We thought that our robot was a huge success. We thought this because the robot worked the way that we wanted it to work. Plus it did not malfunction in any way.

From seeing another groups art robot, one ideas that I had was a model of a walking robot person. Because I saw their hinge arm idea, we thought it looked like an arm.

In the end we were really proud of ourselves and the robot.

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