Olivia Bobes Pol 598 Migrants & Refugees

December 2016 Havana, Cuba.

My Story

  • Name: Olivia Bobes
  • Age: 20 years old
  • Origin: Orlando, Florida
  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Political Science / Minor: Business Law & Psychology

I have plans on attending law school, and am interested in Immigration Law.


Spain, 1920's.

My grandmother was born in Almería Spain in 1923. Her family fled Spain and immigrated to France during the Spanish Civil War in 1936. They were political refugees- as they were on the loosing side of the war (fascists won). They lived in refugee camps in France for several years.

Camp for refugees of the Spanish Civil War. France, 1936.

Then, they fled France in 1941 because of WW2 and migrated to Cuba. There my grandmother met my grandfather and in 1962 my father was born.

My grandparents and father as a baby in their home in Havana, Cuba 1962.
My father outside their house in Havana, 1963.

In 1964 my family fled Cuba. It was very difficult for them and they had to leave everything behind. They flew to Mexico where they lived for 6 months before walking across the border of Mexico into the United States.

The American Dream

My family left everything behind in hopes of better opportunities for them and their children in America. They faced many struggles as immigrants but with time and hard work they became very successful. I grew up hearing these stories from my grandparents and it has had a strong influence on who I am today.

I have been fortunate enough to have visited Cuba twice. It has been incredibly eye opening and life changing.

New Years Eve 2016, Havana, Cuba.

I'm very interested in this course and eager to learn more about migrants and refugees this semester.

Havana, Cuba December 2016.

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