Between Shades of Gray By: Zainy ElaIgwu

Based on your reading, what caused your society to fall?

Based on my reading, what caused my society to fall was because of forced labor. They were being deported along with hundreds of other people being forced to labor under the supervision of the NKVD.


Based on your reading, what effects resulted from the event?

In result of the event, many people fell sick or died from malnutrition. Others got shot because of their “disobedience” torward the NKVD. Multiple people cried because they missed their normal lives and didn't want to be under the supervision of the NKVD. Some, like the bald man, wanted to die since the beginning because he knew that the conditions would get worse overtime. Escaping was not an option and you were obligated to work in order to get your small bread ration.



There is no technology in this society because it takes place around the 1950s. If there was technology in this book, many aspects of the book would be impacted. For example, Lina would've been able to report that she and many others were being held captive and forced to labor under the supervision of the NKVD. This is different from our society today because technology is very important in our world. Without technology today, many people in our society wouldn't be able to survive since technology is such a big chunk of our world. We use technology in school, for social media, for the government, in cars, and in many other things today.



This book has a mixture of a command and traditional economy. It has a command economy because the people have no say in what the government decides. The government makes all of their decisions and does not let the people have any input. For example, when the NKVD forced Lina and her family to pack their bags and get on the truck, they couldn't say no to that statement. The book has a traditional economy as well because the people in this book still have to farm. When Lina, her family, and other people arrived at one of the multiple prison camps, they had to farm and work in order to get their bread ration. In the US, we line with a Federal/Constitutionanl Republic economy meaning we have a government made up of a federal state with a constitution and self governing units. Our economy is basically ruled by the constitution, while Lina's society is a command and traditional economy.



In “Between Shades of Gray”, you can't really determine the type of government their society had. But I believe that they have a philosophical control because the society doesn't make any of their decisions and is enforced through a dictatorship. Their government controls everything everyone does. People of this society are restricted to what the government or the NKVD decides for them. In the US, we have a mixed government because the citizens are allowed to make their decisions as well as still being controlled under the government.



The jobs that people acquired in this book were a teacher, librarian, a NKVD officer, and a Veterinarian. These jobs aren't any different from what we have today because we do have people who acquire these jobs. In the US, we don't have any NKVD officers.


Society/Caste System

This book’s society can be described as pernicious. It had a harmful effect on people,but in a gradual way. It's caste system is mostly poor because the majority of people can't buy things or provide for themselves. In the US, we have a normal caste system because some people like celebrities are rich, some people are homeless and have no money, and some are just average with a regular paycheck.


Where Lina's Society Lives Map
Where my society lives map

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