Gaming Issues By jack Li

The Sydney Morning Herald PO Box. 148364 13.3.2017

Dear Editor,

Video games have been around for a while now, and it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do. Entertaining. In this case, it should be helping and relaxing, but some teenager, or should I say most of the teenager, they are addictive to video games. Gaming could be fun but it also can be very harmful. Is it worth it for teenagers to fail at test, having heath issues and also having bad temper?

My first point would be school. Teenagers entering high school for those who are entering university, gaming shouldn’t be their number one choice. Assignments and tests all need time to complete and review, but if you spend all of your time on gaming, are you going to get good marks? This is one of the most critical point showing harms about video games. Control your gaming time today, and get good marks!

Lots of teenagers are having health issues lately. Eyes getting tired, chest pain, back pain… These are all because of gaming. Teenagers never do sports often anymore. They spend their time on video games. In a long run, they would fall. Having good body will help you process throughout your life. Who would you pick? A fit student or a student with extremely bad body condition?

Even though video games are supposed to calm you down after a day of hard work but some online video games make teenagers/kids hyped. And when you get hyped your anger and easily raised. The teenagers/kids who are addictive to video games usually have poor socialising skill. But on the other side, it also improves your socialising skill. Communicate with others online is good for socialising. But the teenagers/kids need to watch out for players that have bad language and aggressive words.

There will be ways to solve this only if the teenagers realise how bad video games can be and use their time wisely. Always finish your homework before you go on video games. Before a assignment, they should always be practising for the text.

In conclusion, gaming is actually not a bad thing overall but you just need to use your time wisely. I think it’s time to stop the addictive teenagers and give them a better life!



My Visual Text


As we got our English assignment, I was frightening, scared, terrified. I thought I was going to get nothing done, absolutely nothing. I gain my calm and confidence throughout the changes and activities. I wasn’t sure I would be able to complete the task and get bad marks. I was scared, depressed at the start. I started panicking, what am I going to do? Once I started, I discovered: It’s actually not that hard! I’ve still been struggled a bit on Adobe Spark. Thinglink was alright with helps from Ms. Caratinos and friends. Things get even easier.

What did I do well?

I did well in thingink putting all the icon onto the website and organising my adobe spark.

What do I need to improve?

I need to work on my grammar and punctuation, spelling, and my sentences in my text and not get stressed easily.

As I’m writing this reflection, it’s already 16/03/2017, 6:46. Tomorrow will be the day to hang my work in. I was happy that I overcame the challenges. I left the reflection to the last second after I absolutely have finished my whole assignment. I felt relief. As I’m writing this reflection, I hope whoever is reading this to always believe in yourself, even though all beginnings are hard but if you try hard and believe in yourself, you will get a guaranteed good result and you wouldn’t regret what you’ve done. This assignment really improved me on not just self-developing but also teamwork and computer skills. I very enjoyed this challenges and look forward to the next one.


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