It's the Silly Season. Is your house prepared?

For such an exciting time of year - it can be pretty frantic in most households. It should be a time about seeing family that you don't get to see regularly or just kicking back and relaxing with old friends. You shouldn't spend too much time stressing over your house and wondering if you are ready.


This is important in everyday life as well. Nobody likes to walk into a home and not feel fresh, intrigued and inspired. Use this time to de-clutter your house. Remove items that you knew you didn't need 3 years ago but now you just don't have the room for them to linger. If you haven't used it in the last year - remove it. Find your style within your home and let it shine !


Get into the festive season and spread it around your home. You don't have to loose your style while doing this. You can find some really eco friendly alternate decorations these days. Opt for a wooden tree for Christmas if you don't want the old school green fake trees. Make your own decorations or keep it simple with just a splash of silver and some fairy-lights in pretty places. Just be sure to spread some joy around your home so that guests feel it when they join you.


Think of it as Spring - then you will have the hidden motivation to get on-top of things. It can't just be a sprinkle clean - you need to get down and get dirty. The bathroom, the kitchen, the living rooms, the bedrooms - the works. Take your blinds down and give them a good wash, lift all of your ornaments up and give them a proper dusting. It will take time - but it will be worth it. You wont have the added stress of any hidden messes when you have the whole family over for Christmas.

Of course - if the cleaning looks like too big a job or you are just too pushed for time. Give us a call 1300 268 907 for a free quote to have your place Christmas ready !

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