Wolf Fish Photography by Brian Grossenbacher

The Iriri River flows through and over a granite basin and near the indigenous community of Kendjam, where a few hundred Kayapó live simply, distrustful of outside influence—pretty much as they have for centuries. Despite their basic lifestyle, their river is rich with a variety of swimming predators—including toothy wolf fish.
The granite riverbed gives the Iriri a clarity absent other Brazilian rivers, and that allows sight-casting to voracious wolf fish, which discriminate against neither pattern nor presentation. At day’s end, after fighting these jungle beasts, you’ll need nourishment— perhaps something from the grill, perhaps a toothsome piranha.

Brian Grossenbacher was among the first white people to fish the Iriri River inside the Indigenous Territory of the Kayapó people— an area of 5 million hectares of pure virgin Amazon forest. Brian made arrangements through Rodrigo Moreira Salles and Untamed Angling (www.untamedangling.com). See more of Brian’s photos at grossenbacherphoto.com.

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Photography by Brian Grossenbacher

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