Dalton Konarsky's Genius Hour

Blog Post 1: I have decided to focus on my shooting accuracy with a handgun. I would like to improve my personal handgun accuracy for both game related and reasons personal goals. I have always hoped that I could someday be accurate with a pistol, so I am super interested in this Genius Hour project. My goals are to eventually be able to shoot several small objects off of a board from twenty or so yards away in a standing position. I believe that this goal is achievable with some research on proper tactics and shooting positions. I will measure my achieved goals by shooting with new tactics and positions, and videotaping the results for presentation at the end of the project.

Blog Post 2: In the past two weeks I have learned that my shooting average is about forty five percent at roughly fifteen yards. To improve my shooting average I looked at http://blog.beretta.com/rehow-to-improve-your-handgun-accuracy-in-one-easy-step. In this source I learned to take time to aim at the the target, this is key to hitting the target. Also to take deep breaths and squeeze the trigger, pulling the trigger too quickly will cause the gun to rise above the targeted spot and most likely send the bullet over the object that you are shooting at. I have learned that I tend to shoot very quickly at my target sending the bullet soaring over the target. From this point I will take these tips into account along with others I will acquire along the way and improve my shooting accuracy, in the long run this will be a great improvement that I have been hoping to improve for a while.

Blog Post 3: Since the last blog post I have learned a few more things on my topic like dry firing, which is shooting without any rounds in the chamber. This will lower the anticipation of the shooter making them more calm and prepared when the gun is loaded more likely to make the shot. I used www.pewpewtactical.com this week for information on my topic. While my shooting average is improving it is still not where i would like it to be so I will continue my research and practice to improve for the better.

Blog Post 4:I have learned many tips and tricks over the last month to improve shooting accuracy with a handgun. Such as squeezing the trigger rather than quickly pulling it. That will cause the bullet to hit above the targeted spot. Or dry firing which is shooting without any bullets, this lowers the anticipation of the shooter making them calmer and a better shot. I also learned to take my time preparing shot, and take deep breaths to calm myself before shooting. This week I used http://www.springfield-armory.com/resources/shooting-tips/ for my reaserch. From here I will begin to prepare my presentation.

Blog Post 5:Through my project I have learned several things that I feel will help my shooting average although I have not finish all of my field testing on them I am sure that they will work. By squeezing the trigger rather than yanking it, dry firing to lower anticipation and prepare myself, and taking deep breaths before shooting I believe that I will be able to achieve my goal of raising my shooting average for good. While I was unable to find anymore research sources I have been going over the sources that I have already found in order to perfect the techniques. From here I will finish my field practice and using of the techniques and finish up my final product.


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