The Art of Technology A NARRATIVE by Jennifer Hambleton

From a young age, I was immersed into a world that was filled with the wonders of new technology. While the technology that I grew up with is not the same as the technology I surround myself with today, the main concepts still apply. From listening to Disney music on tape in the car with my parents as a little kid, to taking notes and finishing projects on my Surface today, my life with technology has changed a great deal. However, even with these changes in the type of technology I use, my definition of technology has not changed very much. For me technology is a tool that not only makes our lives easier and more efficient, but it also helps us to learn, explore, and create.

My first real introduction to technology was at school when we were allowed time in elementary school to go to the computer lab and play educational games, learn to type using Type to Learn, and basically just play around with the resources that we had on hand. By this time as well, my parents had allowed me to start playing more on our home desktop computer. While the home computer was more for fun, at school I can remember that typing was our main focus. There were some days in class where we would go to the computer lab for an hour to be able to take a typing exam that would test how fast we could type. While I was learning how to type and navigate a computer, I wouldn't say that I was necessarily hooked on technology yet. At this point it was simply a tool and not much more to me.

During middle school I had a lot of "firsts" with technology. It was the time of my first cell phone, my first laptop, and my first digital camera. With the introduction of all this new technology in my life, there of course were some hardships not only with learning how the technology worked, but also with coming to terms with the fact that technology was not something that was indestructible.

My first phone never really had any issues, so for me it was more of a positive learning curve as I taught myself how to utilize the functions that the Krzr offered. On the other hand though, my computer and camera offered me plenty of ups and downs to make up for what I didn't have to deal with in my phone. While my bright pink Vaio laptop did help me to understand how technological devices and software worked, it certainly gave me plenty of issues near the end of its life. The first thing to happen was a virus that started to cause major issues. While I had no idea what was actually causing these issues, my dad did. Thanks to him we were able to clear the viruses and get the computer back to working order. Unfortunately, the computer was, by this point, already four or five years old and so soon after it was fixed I had to retire it anyway. Luckily for me I did not go long without a laptop because soon after my first laptop died, my Grandfather bought me a new Toshiba laptop that I still use to this day along side my newest piece of technology, the Surface.

The other "first" of technology in middle school for me was a digital camera that I got to borrow from my parents to take on trips with me. The first big trip that I took without my parents was to Disneyland with the middle school band and it also became the last trip that the camera would ever take. Basically I learned hard and fast that digital cameras were very fragile after a long day of running around with it bouncing in my pocket. By the end of day one in Disneyland I pulled it out to take a few more pictures and the lens came out, I took my picture and the lens never went back in and the camera never turned back on. So I guess the moral of the story is to keep the camera in a protected place and not my pocket if I want it to survive Disneyland.

Even with the untimely demise of that camera I think it really sparked something in me. That little camera showed me that I loved photography. As a science major I have a love-hate relationship with computers, but I could never hate my camera. After some trial and error and one camera being killed by the ocean I finally found my favorite types of technology. A little waterproof digital camera, my smart phone, and my dad's GoPro keep my photography needs met. I swim and hike with the digital camera, snow ski and horseback ride with the GoPro, and pretty much take all other photos with my phone. It may not be a super fancy way of taking photos but I love getting out and exploring with at least one type of camera in tow. I love looking over my photos daily and for me it really is the pinnacle in my technology use. Rather than hating on what could work better or faster I just go out, take in some fresh air and photograph the world around me.

With photography I may not be expanding my knowledge on how technology works and is developing, but for me I would rather be out viewing the world than viewing a computer screen.


Typing game:

The image of a typing game on a computer fits within my narrative because it is very similar to a type of game that I would have played on the school computers while learning how to type. While this may not be the exact same game it still takes me back mentally to that time period. I think that the image of the type of game that little kid me would have been playing in elementary school is appropriate to represent my knowledge of computers at the time. This was a source that I was familiar with because I often use images to show what I am thinking of in certain contexts.


A cartoon evolution of cell phones fits in with my narrative because while I only discuss my first and most recent phones I think that this helps to show that there had to be a progression between those two. I choose this cartoon image because it not only shows the evolution of phones but also can connect to my evolution as a technology user. Plus it resonates with me because I have kept a collection of all the phones my family and I have ever had and it looks fairly similar to this. This was a source that I was familiar with because I often use images to show what I am thinking of in certain contexts.


The image of a Vaio laptop fits in with my narrative because I am discussing my very first laptop and some of the issues that I had with it. Aside from the issues it had later in its life my favorite thing about that laptop was that it was bright pink like the one pictured. I choose an image because I think it shows off exactly what I am picturing in my head when I think back to that computer. This was a source that I was familiar with because I often use images to show what I am thinking of in certain contexts.


I decided to make a collage of photos either from my camera or of my camera to best fit in with my narrative because photography is, for me, the best part of my technology experience. It also fits in the timeline because photography became more and more important to me from high school to college which is where my narrative ends. I thought that a photo collage would be a good way of representing my love of photography because it gives the reader a glimpse at several of the things that I think about when I think of photography. This was a source that I was familiar with because I often use images to show what I am thinking of in certain contexts.


The video that I made and uploaded to Youtube fits with my narrative because I made it just this last year and it shows the culmination of multiple skills that I have learned with technology. This video not only shows that I have a basic understanding of video editing, but also shows off what I was able to film with the GoPro. I choose the video modality because I think that it shows off the best possible combination off the things that I enjoy most about technology. I am familiar with this source because not only do I enjoy watching movies and videos all the time, but I also enjoy making videos similar to this.


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