The Melancholic Mechanisms of Man Ivan Fraze, April 19, 2017

Out of the Eleven classmates questioned, two disagreed with the idea of technology being beneficial to humanity.

A common view to technology is that the world would be “better” lacking it (Technology is often thought of as computers and telephones), however, giving up and abandoning technology would put us quite low on the food chain, as humans are fairly hairless, defenseless, and delicate. Take underdeveloped sections of Africa for example, people there lack technology so they partake in bizarre practices such as making medicines that don’t work, risking their lives and others hunting elephants, and several other things. Without technology, we are easy prey.

A similar belief is that technology will take the place of jobs and people in general. This is likely to happen, because some soft labor occupations have been occupied by automatons, such as clothing folding or sushi wrapping, but currently these are only prototypes and are quite slow with their processes, and seen as inferior to people. But it is very possible to have advances in these “robots”, enough to where they become superior to people. People desiring to be paid, however, will riot, break “robots”, and companies creating these machines will eventually submit to the point where the presence of autonomous mechanisms is negligible. People are already quite disturbed by an anthropomorphic robot able to fold a single shirt in one half-hour, so there is no doubt that some form of retaliation will occur for other “robots”.

Many people are aware that at some point in our history there will be a loss of electricity for everyone, at least in a large area of the world. Though this will halt technological progress temporarily, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop using technology simply because it can happen. It should be our obligation as the most advanced society we know of to make new discoveries, record new data, and discover and answer questions, so that, in time, we can come together as a single race, and aid other species with our abilities, so that they may advance as well.

Use technology as a tool and a cornerstone to our society, but use it wisely, as it may fall at any time, and if we can’t utilize what we have without it, we are nothing at all. There are several, probable methods for us to lose our current advances, so preparation is a very logical method to prepare for what is to come. There is no need to cower in fear while in your own home, fearful of everything, but it is sympathy to want to rebuild society for others, so, it would be wise to prepare for the finale of man, because the stage is yours afterwards.


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