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"Our photos are amazing Ashley. Blown Away. Thank you!" - Cat & Nat

Hi! I'm Ashley!

I'm a 30-something wife and mom to two boys named Nicholas and Theo. We live in the suburbs of Toronto with our dog. We're a super laid back family that enjoys the simple things in life. I believe there is beauty in the chaos and magic in the mess.

Life doesn't have to be perfect to be amazing!

"To be able to photograph the chores we wish away, while down the road oddly wishing them back again is what makes your capture unknowingly special. These very moments are part of our current chaos, yet also future treasures!" - @kiki.ocallaghan

Top 8 Reasons

Your Family Will Love a Documentary Photography Session (Your Husband Too!)

Remember the last time you had a family photo shoot? The time spent coordinating outfits, trying to schedule it around nap times, worrying that your child wouldn't "perform" for the camera. NO MORE!

'Day in the Life' photography sessions fit into YOUR life, not the other way around. They are an unscripted way of photographing your family, which means more time focused on your family and less time worrying about being perfect.


Discover how your everyday is extraordinary

Because sometimes it's hard to see the beauty in your daily life, 'Day in the Life' sessions will show you how your ordinary is extraordinary.


Capture Unique Personalities

By focusing on each other rather than the camera, your true personalities will shine through!


Your kids are free to be themselves

You won't get that pre-shoot anxiety worrying that your kids will misbehave because there's zero pressure for them to act a certain way! Adults too 😉


Celebrate Parenthood

When you're having one of those days, you can look at your photos and laugh at the crazy because sometimes we need ways to survive the daily grind!


Document memories that may go long forgotten

Your daughter's favourite stuffy, your husband's pancake breakfast, their crazy antics up and down the sidewalk outside your home. These types of photographs help you remember this season of life, not that time you dressed up for that photo shoot in the park.


Create art with your family

The photographs you'll receive are true works of art meant for your walls and albums. Each photograph is composed in an interesting way and light is used to highlight the moment. These are not your normal everyday snapshots. They are thoughtfully taken with every element in the environment considered before I decide to push down on that shutter button.


Easy to schedule

These sessions fit right into your daily life, so no need to clear the schedule. If you need to go grocery shopping or wash the cars, me and my camera will be right there alongside you!


Get Mom in photos too!

In many cases, Mom is the family photographer. This means she's rarely in any photos with her children that aren't selfies. Gift your children authentic memories with you in them.

"Ashley, you angel genius. I think it's safe to say you've completely outdone yourself. I waited until Martin returned from a business trip to watch the slideshow. It was gruelling to wait! But oh so very worth it because we were in tears together by the end. We're drinking wine now in preparation for the full album viewing. I'm not sure if I'll survive the emotional rollercoaster, so I thought that I would reply now with "Thank you". You've captured us with such care and sensitivity. We're unbelievably lucky and grateful. You can spend a morning with our family any time." - Whitney

The Process

You love the idea of photographing your family's everyday life, but it may feel scary to say yes not knowing exactly how a session works. Let's talk a little about my process so you'll understand what to expect from start to finish. Going beyond the photographs, your experience is important.

The Beginning

Signed contract? Check. 50% retainer? Check. YOU'RE BOOKED! I'll send you a questionnaire that will help me get to know you and your family and give me an idea what a typical day in your life is like. I'm pumped and so are you!

Let's Meet

Questionnaire turned in? Check. Now let's jump on a quick video chat. I'd love to "meet" you before coming over! It's a good ice breaker and a great way for the kids to "meet" me too. You can give me a quick tour and we can chat about what to expect on your session day.

Until Our Session Day

The anticipation is high! About one week before our session, I'll touch base with you. We can go over any details and share our excitement together!

The Big Day

Everyone's nerves (including mine!) can be a little frazzled at first, so we'll take a few moments to chat. I'm not a fly on the wall, more like a new friend hanging out with you. You don't need to worry about how you should look or what you should do. I'll help you through any of those fears. This is where my talent lies and why you hired me, so trust in that. Your job: enjoy our time together. Simple as that!

Waiting For Your Gallery

Let's celebrate the fact that you are brave! You said yes to taking control of your memories. You'll choose a date and time after our session for your gallery reveal and product ordering session.

It's Reveal Day!

It's time to see your story in photos! You'll see unnoticed moments turned into custom art. You may cry. You may laugh. You WILL smile! You'll get to feel and touch the products so you can visualize what your story will look like before you purchase them. I'll even show you wall gallery options displayed on your very own walls. You'll decide on your must-haves during this session and save 10% on your order during this time only.

Sharing The Goods!

As you wait for the delivery of your products, you can share your online gallery with friends and family. You may also order additional products at standard rates. Your products will arrive beautifully packaged 4-6 weeks after your order. If you live nearby, I may hand deliver your products because seeing your reaction is the most rewarding experience I can have as a photographer... plus we're friends by now!

Our After Party

You'll hear from me to see how you're doing, fill you in on what I've been up to, and let you be the first to know if I run any kind of promo. You can earn your next session at an exclusive rate by referring your friends and family to me. Hopefully we'll be following each other on social media because I love to catch a glimpse of what you guys are up to!

"I was most worried about my appearance in the photos. Being very candid and not posing, making sure my chin is tilted just so, belly tucked in etc, was hard for me to let go of. I also worried that we'd receive enough photos that I wanted to hang on my walls. In the end there were so many great ones and the story that the photos tell far exceeds any worry about how I look." - Lyndsey

The Details

Full Day

A 'Day in the Life' photography session is truly an experience that will highlight your family's everyday moments in a beautiful way. Receive the most meaningful gallery of images with a full 'Day in the Life'.

Why choose a full day?

The more time we spend together, the more everyone forgets the camera is there. This my friends, leads to photography GOLD!

Tell your family's complete story from start to finish. Anything short of a full day is like only reading one chapter of your favourite book.

It took 20 minutes to make this photograph of the boy eating cereal. Because real life is unpredictable, a full day allows more time for the stars to align to get the perfect shot!

Full Day


  • 10 hours minimum photography coverage (or when the kids wake up to when they go to bed)
  • A professionally edited gallery of the Artist's Choice collection of photographs (approx. 100 digital images)
  • Highlight video slideshow
  • Private online gallery for viewing, proofing and downloading your images
  • Travel within 3 hours of Mississauga (please inquire for travel fees if further)
  • Payment plans available
For a Limited Time - 10x8 keepsake photo book included ($285 value)

Half Day

For a shorter session, a half day is the way to go. Half days are recommended for couples expecting their first child and families who are welcoming their first newborn. For families with children, having one or two activities planned is recommended in order to maximize our time together.

Half Day


  • 4 hours of photography coverage
  • A professionally edited gallery of the Artist's Choice collection of photographs (approx. 40 digital images)
  • Highlight video slideshow
  • Private online gallery for proofing, ordering and downloading your images
  • Travel within two hours of Mississauga (please inquire for travel fees if further)
  • Payment plans available
"My kids are quite shy but something magical happened when Ashley photographed them. They never wanted her to leave." - Magda



Albums are the perfect way to preserve your 'Day in the Life' because they're the best at telling your story and archiving your family history. My vision for your family is to have an album for each day we document over the years. I can envision all the albums sitting on your bookshelf with the years printed on the spines, ready for your children to leaf through. Your family heritage will shine through with each turn of the page.

Wall Displays

When children see photos of themselves displayed on the walls of their homes, it provides them with a sense of belonging and reinforces their connection with the ones they love most. Preserve their memories with these stunning wall display options.

Each home and wall space is unique. Through design software, you'll have the opportunity to see your photographs displayed on your own walls before even purchasing them.

Digital Files

Artist's Choice

Included in full and half day sessions. This gallery is the 'Best of the Best' photographs as selected by the photographer. They have received special attention through precise photo editing and will be used as the photos for your sneak peek, slideshow and future blog posts. You can expect approximately 100 images with a Full Day and 40 images with a Half Day.

Extended Collection - $400

These are all the photos you'll still love but didn't quite make the cut for the Artist's Choice gallery. There's approximately 200 images in a Full Day Extended Gallery and 100 images in a Half Day Extended Gallery.

Custom Engraved USB - $90

Have your family's name engraved on a wood USB drive for a personalized touch. Your USB will include all digital files from your purchased galleries along with a copy of your highlight video slideshow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a session?
I love the idea but I'm feeling a little self-conscious. Any tips?

I strongly encourage you and your partner to follow me on Instagram (@ashleyevephoto) and Facebook. I share a lot of my personal life (the good, the bad and the ugly!) and so it's a great way for you to get to know me and by doing so help you feel more comfortable with me and my camera in your home. Client's who've watched my instastories have told me it felt like a friend was coming over even though we've never met! And don't worry Mama, I have the same hang ups as everyone else. Just know I enter your home with zero judgment and completely accept families for how and where they live.

What should we wear?

If I'm showing up first thing in the morning, your pjs! Otherwise, wear what you normally would wear (yes, yoga pants are completely acceptable!) For myself, I'll most likely be wearing my finest pair of black leggings and a t-shirt.

If you're here all day, do we feed you?

If I'm there for the full day, yes please! I have no allergies and I'm not a picky eater. If you're setting your table, don't worry about setting a place for me. First, I like to make photos of the family around the table before joining. Half Day sessions, no meals are required as I've probably had a good meal before coming to your home.

Can we leave you alone with the kids?

Totally cool with me! Just be aware, I don't stop them from misbehaving. So if that's the time your daughter finds a Sharpie and starts going at it on the wall, I won't be there to stop her (but I'll be photographing it FOR SURE!) I also don't intervene when siblings fight, again I'l be photographing it. The only time I jump in is if children are in immediate SERIOUS danger (teetering on the edge of a couch arm doesn't count...). Please consider them alone without adult supervision if they are with me.

Do we have to purchase anything during our Gallery Viewing and Ordering Session?

Nope! The package you've purchased already includes the Artist's Choice gallery of images. The Extended Gallery, wall displays, prints and products are additional costs.

Is it possible to get one or two posed family photos?

While I encourage documentary-style photos, I completely understand wanting a few posed photographs. Upon request, we can spend 10-15 minutes taking some relaxed family portraits.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I understand that 'Day in the Life' sessions are an investment. Almost a decade of practice behind the camera and the many hours during the session and after in post-processing account for my rates. Payment plans are based on individual family's needs. Please send me a message so we can discuss a plan that works for you.

Do you offer promos or discounts?

Yes! I strongly believe in archiving your family history, so I'd love for you to invite me back to your home once per year to document your family's growth over time. This means I'm offering to lock in your PRICE FOR LIFE! As long as you invite me back once per year, no matter how much my rates may change, you will never pay more than our first session together!

I also offer a Referral Program. For each family you refer that books a session, you receive 50% off your NEXT session. That's right - 50% OFF!!!!

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Don't take these moments for granted.

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