Chillville We chillville members chill as we should and will make chillville the best.

Mission Statement: Thou shalt chill and not kill.

Membership policy and rules:

#1 Chill on the daily.

#2 At least 1 hour of education a day.

#3 Less taxes

#4 Everyone gets 5 tickets at age 16 if you loose all of them you are sent to jail for 1 year. Once you get out you recieve 3.

#5 Republicans not allowed.

#6 Politics should not be spoken about often.

#7 1 hour of community service each day.

#8 before chilling more often thou shalt graduate high school.

#9 Each person over 16 shall have an occupation.

#10 Each member shall chill to the top.

Location: New Zealand.

Daily schedule: Wake up at 10. Go to your work for however long. Eat lunch at work or at home. Free time till diner at 6:30. Then go to bed at 10.

Government: Democracy.

Chillville is all about staying friendly and Chill. It is located in New Zealand which is a beautiful place with rivers, beaches, etc. Come to chillville for a relaxing life!

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