Corrie v Media Press Kit

Hello! My name is Corrie V, and I'm a glasses wearing Canadian beauty vlogger. My channel is focused on creating 12-hour wear tests & reviews, and other beauty related videos three times a week. I have a background in art and photography.

I review everything from drugstore to luxury makeup, skincare, hair care and beauty tools. I also post unboxings, hauls, empties, and Get Ready With Me videos.

Find my channel at youtube.com/CorrieV.

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social media followers

Youtube 10,100+

Instagram 1,100+

Twitter 450+

Patreon 10




86% Female - 14% Male


30% 18-24 years old

36% 25-34 years old

17% - 35-54 years old


29% United States

8% India, 7% UK, 6% Canada

Makeup & Skincare Reviews

Video Stats

5,300,000+ Total Views

4,000+ Daily Views

2 New Videos Every Week

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Brands I have Worked With

Magic Links, Amazon Affiliates, Zenni Glasses, Pepperjam, Influenster, Chick Advisor, Dollar Shave Club, Halloween Alley, Dr Dennis Gross Skincare, KISS Lashes, and More.

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Original Photography

Interested in collaborating?

let's make something beautiful: media@cverheijenphotography.com

Updated June 2020