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MEDEVAC Hoist Training

Air crews and flight medics of the 1st Battalion, 112th Aviation Regiment conducted aerial MEDEVAC (medical evacuation) hoist training this week in Bismarck. The air crews must perform the training during daylight and hours of darkness using night vision devices at least once every 90 days to retain proficiency. Photo: Lakota helicopter crew chief, Staff Sgt. Aaron Reich, bottom, recovers evacuation litter while Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kassidy Nelson watches and Capt. Justin Gall keeps the aircraft at a hover. The litter was lifted from the ground via hoist cable during training at the Bismarck airport north of the N.D. National Guard's Army Aviation Support Facility, south of the Bismarck airport on Oct. 24.

Flight medics Staff Sgt. Colton Belmore and Sgt. Robert White prepare a litter with a mannequin for MEDEVAC by hoist into a UH-72A Lakota helicopter Oct. 24. The Soldiers are assigned to the Bismarck-based 1st Battalion, 112th Aviation Regiment.

Flight medic Sgt. Robert White guides a litter being lifted into a hovering UH-72A Lakota helicopter during MEDEVAC hoist training Oct. 24 in Bismarck.

Officials tour State, Observe Storm and Flood Damage

Gov. Doug Burgum signed an executive order Oct. 21 declaring a statewide flood emergency, paving the way for requests for federal assistance to help North Dakotans deal with significant flooding impacts caused by heavy fall rains and a historic October blizzard. This statewide disaster declaration came as Burgum, Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring, N.D. Department of Emergency Services Director, Maj. Gen. Al Dohrmann and other state officials attended meetings with agricultural producers, community members and local officials in Fargo, Grand Forks, Jamestown and Fessenden to hear firsthand accounts about the devastating impacts of the unusually wet weather. The group also shared information about the state’s response, including gathering information for possible requests for a USDA secretarial disaster designation and a presidential disaster declaration. In addition to farmland impacts, a large swath of the state is experiencing unprecedented fall flooding. Local emergency managers reported impact to rural roads, many softened by wet conditions and becoming more susceptible to washouts.

During his visits, Burgum explained the state’s whole-of-government approach to dealing with fall floods. He was joined by representatives from a host of state agencies, to include the Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Human Services, Department of Health, Department of Transportation and the State Water Commission. For updates and information on the flooding situation, visit ndresponse.gov.

Top left and right photo: Gov. Doug Burgum and Maj. Gen. Al Dohrmann address farmers, ranchers, community residents and local officials at a town hall meeting in Fessenden on Oct. 21. Bottom photo: Unharvested hay bales are unreachable in fields suffering from effects of unusually wet weather.

Deployed Hooligans participate in DACON March

Airmen of the N.D. Air National Guard embraced the DACON (Danish Contingent) March tradition while deployed in Southwest Asia. The Happy Hooligans began their 25 kilometer march at 6 a.m. carrying the required 22 pounds in their backpacks, with all of them easily finishing in less than six hours. First launched in 1972 by Danish armed forces, the DACON has been conducted in many locations, to include Mongolia, Croatia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries in Southwest Asia.

Left: Senior Airman Jordan Paxton carries the North Dakota flag during the DACON March at his deployed location in Southwest Asia on Oct. 19. Paxton and Master Sgt. Christopher Settle carried the flag throughout the race.

Other Hooligan members who completed the march with Paxton and Settle were Master Sgt. Richard Gladue, Tech. Sgt. Michael Bullen, Senior Airman Benjamin Nelson, Senior Airman Gabriel Ahnee and Airman 1st Class Alexia Hoefs. They are all serving as members of the 407th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron at their deployed location.

Left photo: Happy Hooligans serving in the 407th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron in Southwest Asia hold the North Dakota flag prior to participating in the DACON March on Oct. 19. Left to right Tech. Sgt. Michael Bullen, Master Sgt. Christopher Settle, Master Sgt. Richard Gladue, Senior Airman Jordan Paxton, Airman 1st Class Alexia Hoefs, Senior Airman Benjamin Nelson and Senior Airman Gabriel Ahnee. Right photo: Bullen shows off the Danish Medal he was awarded for successfully completing the DACON March.

Combat Leaders Academy held at Camp Grafton Training Center

The Army National Guard hosted the inaugural Combat Leaders Academy Oct. 18-20 at Camp Grafton Training Center near Devils Lake. The three-day course, focused on providing the tactical level leadership at the company level the tools and ideas to assist them in leading Soldiers in future combat environments. For the last 19 years the military has operated in the area of counter insurgency, but now, the total force Army is preparing to fight against near-peer competitors in Multi-Domain Operations (MDO). The course allowed facilitated discussions between participants and instructors on various combat topics and how to best serve as a combat multiplier when integrating with active duty U.S. Army maneuver units. The tactical leaders were provided tools to hone their leadership skills to bring back to their units which in turn will provide their Soldiers the skills they need to be successful in today's fight.

Lt. Col. Russ Wolf renders remarks at the Combat Leaders Academy on Oct. 19 at Camp Grafton Training Center.

Why We Serve

Senior Airman Hannah Kraiter, 119th Medical Group

Left: Senior Airman Hannah Kraiter hugs her sister Kaylee at Basic Military Training Graduation. Middle: Kraiter with her dog, Chico. Right: Kraiter with her parents, Senior Master Sgt. Kent Kraiter and Chief Master Sgt. (ret) Jennifer Kraiter.

I joined the N.D. Air Guard on Nov. 30, 2015. The school benefits were the main factor, but I also grew up in a large military family, where service and drill weekends were a way of life. I am a Legacy Hooligan, my parents are proud members of the N.D. Air Guard as well; Senior Master Sgt. Kent Kraiter and Chief Master Sgt. (ret.) Jennifer Kraiter. When I am not serving my state and country, I am in my junior year at the University of Mary in Bismarck studying social work. After college, I want to work in the public school system, and eventually earn my master's degree in either social work or counseling. My favorite experience in the Air Guard so far was my enlistment day. I was able to keep my enlistment a secret from my dad until the day I was sworn in; he was so surprised and proud. It was one of the coolest experiences ever. My motivation to continue to serve are the goals I have set for myself. I want to serve for at least 20 years, become a first sergeant, and earn the rank of Chief Master Sgt. My little sister is also a big motivator. I want to show her that girls can be feminine and super tough at the same time and that she can do anything she sets her mind to. I am very thankful for the life experiences, lasting friendships and unique military experiences that the N.D. Air Guard provides me.

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