Wells Fargo Corporation (WFC) April 15, 2017


  1. Introduction
  2. History of Wells Fargo
  3. Stock Performance Over the Last 17 Years
  4. Wells Fargo Today
  5. Wells Fargo's Benefits/Culture
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility
  7. Conclusion
Wells Fargo's Motto

Why Wells Fargo?

  • As a child, my parents always banked with Wachovia (now Wells Fargo)
  • Many family members have worked here
  • Room for upward mobility

History of Wells Fargo

  • Founded in 1852
  • New York Businessmen Wells and Fargo wanted to create a leading transport and banking company for California
  • Gold Rush caused business to boom and facilitated the growth of California
  • Acquired many competitors giving greater cash flows
  • Acquired Wachovia during 2008 financial crisis giving global reach

Stock Performance over 17 Years

Wells Fargo's Performance Against PNC, JP Morgan, and S&P 500 Over Past 17 Years
A Wells Fargo Customer Leaving a Branch

Wells Fargo Today

  • 7th largest public company in the world (sales, profits, assets and market value)
  • $1,900,000,000,000 ($1.9 trillion) in assets
  • $1.3 trillion in deposits - 3rd place behind JP Morgan and Bank of America)
  • 70 million customers along with 1 in 3 American households
  • Over 269,000 employees in 42 countries
Wells Fargo's Locations Across America
Wells Fargo's Corporate Building

Wells Fargo Benefits/Culture

Many of the Benefits Working at Wells Fargo
  • 401(k) matching program up to 6% of quarterly pay
  • $5000 reimbursement for adoption
  • Will support active lifestyle changes
Jon Campbell (Chief of Global Corporate Responsibility) and Employees Giving Back

Corporate Social Responsibility

2016 Wells Fargo Giving Back to the Community
  • Wells Fargo supports the community that makes it profitable
  • Over 30,000 non-profits supported
  • It would take one person 213 years to volunteer 1,867,122 hours like Wells Fargo
Location of My Future Job (New York, New York)


  • Wells Fargo is a strong, historical, corporation
  • Formidable presence throughout the United States
  • Continues to impress on the balance sheet and income statements
  • Recruitment begins in September for Wealth Management and Investment Banking

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