The Divine: A play for Hunter Ramsay By Hunter Ramsay


Tuesday January 24th at 7:15pm, Margaux and I attended the Good life Performance. we both read a short synopsis and the assignment before hand. Planing to go purely out of requirement and to complete the assignment, I was happily surprised to have enjoyed the play so much. As we sat back in our chairs, we kept the following four themes in mind, but mostly casually watched the play for pleasure.

The Spatial Experience

When Margaux and I were making our way to the theater, we found ourselves in the wrong room. We accidentally walked in on a ballet practice which was very awkward at first but then very funny after we left. This put us both in a jovial mood as we made our way to the correct room. Walking in, I was impressed with the beauty of the theater. It resembled my high school theater I attended regularly for school meetings and the familiarity made me feel welcomed. I was seated right in the center ten rows from the front: prime seating, in my opinion. The lights dimmed and I remember being one of the last people to quiet. I unfortunately was not paying attention and had to be shushed by one of my peers. However, once we were all quiet, i was very eager to start the show. The small size of the theater improved the impact of the actors running through the aisles by allowing them to be close to everyone at once. I prefer a more intimate setting than a vast, grandiose theater

The Social Experience

I attended the play with an old friend, a girl I had a crush on for years, Margaux. Casual small talk in Turlington brought up the play and before I knew it, I had scored a “date” with her, the play and then pizza. So thank you, Good life, you helped me rekindle a friendship and have since allowed me a second date. While at the play with her, I saw another girl Jackie who I had a thing with first semester and she was not too pleased to see me there with another beautiful girl. Also, I was in line to get in with a bunch of sorority girls so when it came time to file into our seats, the closest guy was two seats away. Nonetheless, I think attending the play with Margaux and meeting a lot of new people improved my overall experience. I was not alone in my reactions to the funny “actors pretending to be bad at acting” or the appallingly detailed “priest rape story.” This made my laughs louder and my gasps longer; both of which, made the play even better.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

One of the issues addressed in the play is the poor treatment of factory workers. I have read about the horrible conditions of child labor in other books and my history classes so I was slightly prepared for this issue. However, seeing it in live action was much more relatable. Even though these scenes were often in a slightly humorous tone, they still were able to convey the horrors awful treatment of the workers, young and old.

I have a friend Isaac who sells promotional items and he has manufactured in Asia. I asked him one day how he felt about the poor conditions under which his products were made and he scoffed it off and said “money is money, lower the cost, higher the profits.” To a degree I agreed with him, but on the same token, the workers are still people who deserve better. This play made me think about that exchange with him and wonder if he would have felt his conscious pulling at him if he had seen this play.

The Emotional Experience

When I think of the word katharsis, my mind goes to catharsis. Which is exactly what led to the older priest being beaten up. However, I think this performance was trying to convey a more general idea with this. It was trying to get the audience to take a step back and look at the church from a different angle. It was not accusing all priests of being molesters, but it did use this as an impetus for this step back. It caused me to think about the strict rules of the Catholic church, back then and now. Back then, the catholic Church disdained the theater. Today, it has evolved to be accepting which has led to an overall greater joy for Catholic playgoers and actors. The topic of molestation was extremely uncomfortable but it was very effective.

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