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Featured this week:

  • District-Wide Elementary: Gifted and Talented Events.
  • Colorado Elementary: Ms. Schumaker's Kindergarten Class.
  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Noll's 1st Grade Class.
  • Colorado Elementary: Ms. Phillips' 2nd Grade Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Holder's Kindergarten Art Students.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Henderson's 2nd Grade Class.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Mr. Loos' 3rd Grade Class.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Leader in Me Assembly
  • Grant Elementary: Leadership Day!
  • Grant Elementary: Mrs. Dusenberry's 1st Grade Class.
  • Grant Elementary: UNI Visits Grant.
  • Madison Elementary: Miss Lawrence's Kindergarten Class.
  • Madison Elementary: Mrs. Poppe's 4th Grade Class.
  • McKinley Elementary: Mrs. Strouf's, Mrs. Luna's, and Mrs. Vogeler's 1st Grade Classes.
  • McKinley Elementary: 4th and 5th Grade Leadership Team.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Mrs. Story's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Class.
  • West Middle School: Mrs. Stutzel's 6th Grade Math Classes.
  • West Middle School: Ms. Wiebe's 6th Grade Ag Class.
  • West Middle School: Ms. Wiebe's 7th Grade Ag Class.
  • Muscatine High School: Mr. Johnson's Anatomy and Physiology Class.
  • Muscatine High School: MHS Drama Presents: Thoroughly Modern Millie!
  • Muscatine High School: Ms. Christensen's Geometry Classes.
  • District-Wide Staff: Muscatine Preschool Alliance Teachers Meet.
  • District-Wide Staff: Colorado, Grant, and Madison Food Service Ladies.
  • District-Wide Staff: Franklin Teachers Present at ASCD.


Many of our students participated in United Way's Day of Caring on Monday by helping those in need throughout our school community and city. Here are just a few pictures from the day:

West Middle School 7th Grader, Christian, is extra-ready to do his part during Muscatine's Student Day of Caring!
Eighth Graders from Central Middle School spent the day showing their neighbors that they care about them. Students cleaned, painted, mowed, raked, swept, and did many other tasks to benefit our community. A special thanks to Guy and a Grill for supplying lunch and to Perez Lawn Care for providing us with mowers, trimmers, and manpower. It was a perfect day to make Muscatine more beautiful!
Franklin students helped to make their school grounds beautiful!
Here are some photos from the day of caring at Jefferson. We planted two raised bed gardens with onions, turnips, lettuce, and carrots. Thank goodness we had some help from some West Middle School friends. Moving dirt for 1st graders is tough work! ​
Grant's Student Leadership Team synergized for the United Way's Day of Caring! They cleaned up the gardens at Grant and prepared them for planting!
MHS Work Experience and Transition students participated the Spring 2017 United Way Day of Caring. The students volunteered to assist the City of Muscatine with their Mississippi Drive Corridor Project.
Ms. Kelly Robison, MHS Transition teacher in orange, reminds students what "good" pavers look like as they prepare to dive into another pile of reclaimed street material. As you might notice some volunteers (Ms. April Samuelson - transition para) just couldn't wait to dig in. I bet she loved to make mud pies when she was a kid.
MHS Transition students head back the "Pile" to get more pavers from fellow volunteers to bring back to City of Muscatine staff for final inspection. City staff would make the final call on whether to use the pavers. If the pavers passed inspection they were stacked on pallets, wrapped, and stored away until needed. The others got another free ride on the end loader.
Students and staff in the MHS EBCE Work Experience class pick out and inspect old paving bricks dug up over the years from the streets around Muscatine. The pavers that pass inspection will be used as crosswalk accents in the Corridor Project.
Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, this one is certainly a thousand "happy" words. Ms. Carol McKillip (Work Experience Program assistant) and an MHS student are all smiles after a good morning's work with friends followed by a delicious lunch (Guy and a Grill) along the riverfront.
The "Paver Crew", what a fine group of volunteers. We didn't make much of a dent in the 40,000 pavers that will be needed for the Mississippi Drive Corridor Project but the City certainly has more now than when we started. Good Work Everyone!


4th grade Water Quality Day: On Wednesday, April 19, the 4th grade GT students spent a day studying the quality of water in the Muscatine area. We visited the Environmental Learning Center, where we conducted multiple water quality tests on pond water and stream water. Then we traveled to Muscatine Wastewater Treatment Facility, where we learned how our city wastewater is treated, cleaned, and prepared to be released back into the environment. Thank you, Mr. Bakke, Ms. Berns, and Mr. Koch for taking time to work with us!


5th Grade Math Contest and Bank Visit: On Monday, April 17, the 5th grade GT students spent the morning at CBI Bank & Trust. The students participated in a math contest based on the book Becoming a Problem Solving Genius. To extend learning in a current study about Economics, the students also took a tour of CBI to get a behind-the-scenes look at banking. Thanks, CBI, for hosting our event!


Kindergarten students in Ms. Schumaker's class participated in Career Day! Our future is filled with exciting jobs!

Future florist, engineer, police officer and army ranger!
Future track coach, football player, rock star, veterinarian, farmer, dancer, and construction worker.
Future teachers: Miss Mendoza, Miss Smith, Mr. Kankata, Miss Loveless, and Mr. Fox.

Also.... Hanging With Our Peeps! Ms, Schumaker's kindergarteners were excited to welcome some new Kindergarten students! (The peeping kind!) 🐣


Mrs. Noll's first graders had fun learning in the dark with flashlights for Black Out Day in honor of Earth Day!


Ms. Kula's Chinese students taught Ms. Phillips' 2nd graders at Colorado School a lesson on the names of school supplies in Chinese, as well as some basic greetings. The students enjoyed the activity prepared for them by the sophomores.


Kindergarten students in Mrs. Holder's art classes painted their recycled cardboard creations!


Students in Mrs. Henderson's 2nd grade class learned Chinese from MHS students in Mrs. Kula's Chinese class this week!


Students in Mr. Loos' 3rd Grade participated in a science unit on Motion and Matter.


Jefferson had an assembly on Habit 6: Synergize from Leader in Me. The preschool and kindergarten students showed and sang ways students may synergize!


Grant Elementary held their Leadership Day today!


Mrs. Dusenberry's first grade classroom has been showing AMAZING LEADERSHIP!! They played outside and synergized together with their bubble wands! We also had our field trip this week: Their leadership was shining bright on the school bus, at the Bettendorf Children's Museum, and with all of our parent volunteers!!! Way to represent our Muscatine Community School District!!!


Last week, students from the University of Northern Iowa (the majority from UNI's teaching program) visited Muscatine Schools and Muscatine Community College. They visited with the superintendent and other district personnel, Grant Elementary, Franklin Elementary, and Muscatine High School. Here they are at Grant Elementary with student leaders learning about the Leader in Me.


Miss Lawrence's Kindergarten Class held a Secret Agents of Kindness Party! Students completed 7 individual "top secret" acts of kindness in their community, and then had a party where they got to dress up and deliver secret messages of appreciation to teachers and staff in school!


Muscatine Power and Water visited Madison's 4th graders in Mrs. Poppe's class to teach them about electricity. The fourth graders have been studying electricity and magnetism in science class.


First Graders in Mrs. Strouf, Mrs. Luna, and Mrs. Vogeler's classes enjoyed their field trip at the Botanical Center in Rock Island and the Bettendorf Family Museum! What an engaging field trip!


The 4th and 5th Grade Student Leadership Team at McKinley held a penny war competition to support the Muscatine Humane Society. The students raised $676.96 during the week long event. Way to go McKinley!


Ms. Story's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students have a Deaf Role Model as a guest speaker. In an effort to provide Deaf and Hard of Hearing Role Models, Nick Hindahl was invited to speak to our students with a hearing loss about being successful in the workplace regardless of the challenges. Nick himself has a hearing loss, is a DHH Muskie Alum, and now works for the U.S. Postal Service. He spoke and signed to our students about challenges he has faced as a child, youth, and now an adult in the workplace. For example: While on a walking route if a dog approaches and he does not hear it, he needs to be prepared. Nick explained that he loves animals, so he uses his mail bag as a block between himself and an animal first. Then, he uses an air horn to scare the animal away which is provided to the postal carriers. As a last resort for him is using his issued pepper spray (you can see him explaining this process in a picture below). He also explained that he used an interpreter in the beginning for all his trainings, then went out on his own after. He writes, texts, and speech reads to communicate in the workplace. These are all things our kids need to think about. It was such an eye opening experience for many of our kids as they consider what they might want to do when they grow up. Our kids can do anything! They just might not know it yet.


Mrs. Stutzel's 6th grade math students competed in Math Olympics. Using the scores from the various events, students calculated averages, created data displays, practiced the distributive property, and identified factors and multiples.


West 6th grade ag students in Ms. Wiebe's class planted seeds, watered and cared for plants as they work through a plant science unit!


West 7th grade ag students in Ms. Wiebe's class investigated dairy products and did some sampling during an ag products and processing unit!


Students in Mr. Johnson's Anatomy and Physiology Class attended the University of Iowa's three week Mini-Medical College seminar series. Those attending were immersed in conversations exploring research associated with nitrite supplementation as a performance enhancer, physical performance and injury prevention, muscle strength and fatigue, concussion prevention, detection, and treatment, and the mechanisms of neuromuscular control of the shoulder and knee.


MHS Drama is presenting Thoroughly Modern Millie next weekend! Come out and see our amazing talented students! Pictured below are scenes from the tech rehearsals this week:


Geometry students in Ms. Christensen's classes at MHS presented design projects to visiting engineers from HON. Students redesigned the Campbell's soup can, coming up with interesting new shapes; calculating dimensions, volume, and surface area; and then creating prototypes. The guest engineers evaluated the designs based on manufacturing, shipping, and consumer needs. Our thanks to the engineers, Jack Hovland, Tyler Shull, and Carl Butzen for helping these students explore the exciting field of packaging engineering!


Muscatine Preschool Alliance teachers collaborated and learned from each other to ensure quality early childhood classrooms!


Buttering toast for breakfast & getting a massage afterwards.... Colorado, Grant, and Madison Lunch Ladies work hard!! This young man likes to give massages to everyone.


Franklin teachers John Vonderhaar, Catie Clemens, and Ashley Gacke presented at Iowa ASCD Curriculum Academy this week.

Thank you to all who submitted pictures this week!

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