France By: Peyton & Hannah

France in General
Hey look at this its one of the questions on the thing! It's also the French flag! (hint hint)

France is known for its agriculture, wine, and food. It is known as the French Republic. France is about 80% the size of Texas and its government is the Fifth Republic. There were about 83 million people who visited France in 2012. The president of France Francois Holland. France invented the metric system and was the first to use it. France uses 12 different time zones. The colors of Frances flag are blue, white, and red. It was once a Roman city called "Lutetia." France is the most depressed country. The Eiffel tower is in France and the national animal is the Gallic rooster. In France the winters are cold and the Summers are hot nothing more nothing less. The normal weather is rainy and cold, in the summer it is dry and hot and it always varies. France offers IB in "Primary Years Programme" for 3 schools, "Middle School Programme" in 1 school, and "Diploma Programme" in 16 schools. The landscape in France is very flat, they don't have a lot of trees. France has a lot of water and buildings. There are places that look like New York but there are also places that look like farms.

Art and Architecture

Art: Frances art is very beautiful. Some art is Pirouette, A young girl reading, and Charity

This art is just graffiti

Architecture: The buildings in France are very fancy, they are big and some famous architecture is The Eiffel tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur , and the Opera Garrier

Eiffel tower and the Sacre Couer
Clothing and Music

French clothing is very fancy. France is the most commonly known fashion center in the world. The French people ( on an average day) would most likely wear a puffy dress or coat, they will also wear high heels and a fancy hat. French classical music is very slow and it makes you feel very calm, but the French still have lots of fast pace music to. Some famous French composers are Charles Trenet, Edith Piaff, Jacques Brel, and Zaz (the newest French pop singer) The most famous French painter is Monet. and he painted Water Lilies and Hay Stacks

Some of Monet's paintings
French Dances

French have a way of dancing which makes all the moves they make very graceful. Here are a couple of dances that they do:

  • The Waltz
  • Polka
  • Baroque
  • Carols
  • Marche
  • Bourree
Beautiful Places to visit in France
  • Paris (the city of lights) - Eiffel tower, Cathedral of Notre Dame, and Disneyland Paris
  • Mont Saint-Michel - Beautiful views, restaurants, places to climb, and stores
  • Versailles (Palace of Versailles) - Beautiful landscape and huge mansion
  • Cities on the French Riviera ( Cannes, Saint Tropez, La Turbie, Antibes, and Nice) - beautiful water, and great wildlife
  • Fontainebleau - Beautiful mansion, bird watching, hiking, and hill climbing
  • Lourdes - "Healing" water and beautiful architecture
  • Chambord - mansion, has more than 400 room, and a clear view of the French countryside
  • Strasbourg - Small village and all hand made houses
Chambord, Strasbourg, Mont Saint-Michel, Lourdes, and Fontainebleau
French Culture

When people think of French culture people think of fashion, food, art, Architecture and French culture was influenced by Celtic and Gallo-Roman cultures. French is the main language of 88% of the French population. The rest of the population speaks a mix or German and French. French is the second most know language in the world. 64% of Frenches population is Roman Catholic and the rest of the population is Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish or Muslim. They have many different traditions to like, the French people have set eating times. You will rarely see the French eating at 7:00 is their set eating time is 6:30. The French also like to be "fancy," they will stick their pinky out when they drink, they wont drag their feet, and the woman will not wear tennis shoes out side of the house.

If French adults don't stick out their pinky up while drinking it is considered rude or ungrateful for what you are drinking.
Animals in France

Some animals in France are the red deer, otters, marmots, beavers, badgers, foxes, pine matins, hens, wild boar, falcons, and red squirrels.

Red Deer, Otters, Red squirrels, flacons, wild boar, hens, beavers, marmots, foxes, and the very last is the Gallic rooster which is the national bird of France

Some endangered species are: pine martins, hen harriers, red squirrels, wild boar, and peregrine falcons.

Fun Facts

France has a lot of weird laws, and we are just going to name a couple. Potatoes were illegal in France from 1748 to 1772, and it is illegal to name a pig "Napoleon." In France you can marry a dead person and beauty pageants are illegal.

Modern French license plate

These are just some fun facts about France/Paris. King Louis Phillippe survived 7 assassination attempts. France was one of the first places to use license plates. The average person in France sleeps 8.83 hours a day/night. The first France flag was just plain white. France is the most depressed country in the world. There is only 1 stop sign in Paris France. There is a place called "Dijon" in France. French people smoke almost as much as they drink wine... almost.

Food in France

France is known for its delicious food, some types of food that they eat are, begets, French onion soup, and crescents. They also eat crepes, macaroons, oysters, lots of fruit, not a lot of vegetables, cheese, and lots of bread. They also enjoy Ratatouille. Peyton thinks that the people in France would like Panera.

Begets, French onion soup, crepes, escargot, macaroons, crescent roles, and ratatouille.
Funny French sayings
  • You are idiotic - You are as dumb as a broom
  • Leave me alone - Go cook yourself an egg
  • Your grumpy - Your farting sideways
  • That's useless - That's like peeing on a violin
  • Get in an argument - Yell at them like they are rotten fish
  • Your being ungrateful - You just spit in the soup
  • They don't care - They care about it as much as they care about their very fist shirt
  • Cheer up - Have a cockroach
  • That's the last straw - That's the end of the beans
  • You cant change it now - The carrots are already cooked
Speaking French

People who have lived in France talk very fast, well that's what we think. The French people speak about as fast as we do its just that the words slip into other words, like Je suis. We talk fast to them because they don't know English and we don't know French.

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The End!!
"The End!" ~ Peyton


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