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2010 | Folk

“And if our dread locks finally grew together, into one giant hairball of unity. -- Then we'll have finally achieved egalitarian society. --Think of it as going camping, only forever... no thanks."


  • The song has sparked spirited discussions about anarcho-capitalism in many forums including reddit
  • The writer is currently a social democrat & regrets writing the "stupid song."
  • He would like our audience to know: "I no longer subscribe to the premises of libertariamism, self ownership, the NAP, etc." and while he doesn't hate libertarians, he is glad when anyone abandons libertarianism.


Luke Tatum

Fun song! Aside from the humor, I really like the format of breaking down what we have in common with different groups: The Democrats, the Republicans, and the AnComs, loosely speaking. It goes to highlight the problems with the term "anarchy," as people take that in so many directions. It's like "thick anarchy" of a variety of stripes, I suppose (if you're familiar with "thick" versus "thin" libertarians). But beyond all this, the song also nicely sums up what it is we're doing with Freedom Song 365. We're finding the ever-important common ground with other groups. A lot of the musicians on this list--perhaps upwards of 95% of them--would not call themselves libertarians. But they DO hold some libertarian views, and it's our job to pull those out, enjoy them for what they are, and perhaps use this as a way of getting people the rest of the way there.

Sherry Voluntary

This song is clearly not BackWordz, or even Remy for that matter, but I do appreciate the effort. We AnCaps don’t get a lot of love, whether from some other anarchists who feel they are the gatekeepers of anarchism, or from the statists who just can’t imagine a life without Mama State to guide their every move and save them from themselves. I choose to be an Anarcho-Capitalist because I see the great production potential of individuals, the accumulation of wealth that can be left to the next generation, and the unique opportunity for the greatest number of people to raise their quality of life. Is it perfect? No. There are no utopias. Will everyone want to live that way? No. But a free market would allow for a multiplicity of choice that would give people the framework to live their lives how they see fit. The freeing of the market and the individual from State interference, could create a powerful engine that moves humanity forward at an astonishing rate. I want to help teach people about that opportunity.

Nicky P

I've thought really hard about how I wanted to approach my write-up on this one. I was frankly unsurprised at the response I got from the songs creator about moving on and his hope that I would leave proselytizing for libertarianism behind. It always breaks my heart to hear something like that he had a rational list of grievances that I think might honestly be the best way to approach this write-up though.

"There's a reason theocrats, Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and authoritarians. (I guess they're masochistic? Weird, I know) hitch their wagons to this political philosophy. It's inherently discriminatory. It provides a philosophical foundation (albeit a weak one) for such ideologies."

I think Freedom Of Association seems to be the big issue the writer has an issue with. The negative side of this will always be that we have to allow shitty people to go about their lives as shitty people as long as they do so without enacting violence on others. I personally always lead on the secessionist position because i want to be able to take my beautiful mixed race family away from and divest from racists and theocrats. I can't justify violence against people for thought crime no matter how badly it might call to me. Now should the line ever be crossed toward violence by parties such as this then by all means wipe the earth of the aggressors.

I'm not sure how exactly this gives philosophical foundation for shitty ideas, it simply says we can't kill them just because. As for the claim that libertarianism is inherently discriminatory, I'm not sure where he's headed with that. Human beings are discriminatory by nature. It's an animal instinct that has kept us alive for a large part of human history. Being able to discriminate against things that seem like they can kill us or generally bring us harm. I'm not sure what this has to do with politics unless we're approaching this from a race/class perspective. I'm always open to the idea that I'm wrong but no policy has killed a higher percentage of minorities in america than the drug war. Policing in general kills Americans of all races and creeds but this state apparatus is overtly worse on minorities. Let's not even get into the wars perpetrated overseas. If we're talking economics then there is nothing more damaging to the poor than the wealth robbed from them via inflation. You want to see the engine of wealth inequality there it is.

I will say that the songs author, despite his change of mind, seemed like a hell of a guy and I wish him the best. I had no doubt based on how peaceniky this number was.

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