Ancient China by jeremy

Himalaya Mountains


The wealthy Chinese people ate pork, chicken, lamb, and goose. And on special occasions they ate snake and dog. The poor ate chicken, eggs, and wild animals. Some of the celebrations that they had were the day of the dragon, Chinese new years, and the Lantern Festival. Some of the religions they believed in was Buddhism and Confucianism. The wealthy people wore robes made from silk and cotton and the poor wore loose pants and shirts made from hemp. The Chinese believed in many art forms such as the three perfections: calligraphy, poetry, and painting. They painted art of mountains, homes, birds, trees, water, and sometimes even people doing martial arts.

This is a statue of Confucius (left) and the Buddha. (right)


The emperors of Ancient China were Kang Xi Emperor, Qin Shi, Huang, Gaozu of Han, Wu of Han, Tai Zong, Wu Zetian, Kublai Khan, Hong Wu, and Puyi. One became emperor when the current emperor died. The emperor’s eldest son would take his place as emperor. The ancient Chinese had a social class like this: First class: Emperor, Second class: Palace court, Nobles, Government officials, Third class: peasants, Fourth class: artisans, Fifth class merchants, and slaves. The Chinese had many laws but here are some examples. It was illegal for the poor to wear silk and only the emperor could wear yellow.


There were jobs that paid a lot of money like educators (Doctors, Warriors). Farmers, artisans, craftsmen, and merchants didn’t get paid that much. They used shells as currency because they were durable and easy to carry. The Chinese traded with Asia, Europe, USA, Hong Kong, Asean, And Japan.


They did many recreational activities. They did music, juggling, martial arts, acrobatics, kites, and board games. Farmers provided almost everything for china.


Chinese civilization has given birth to inventions and developments in navigation, spiritual balance, mathematics and natural prevention and diagnosis.


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