Mary Slessor Presented By: Annie Harris

Mary Slessor was born on December 2, 1848 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Her father was a trained shoemaker but his problem with alcohol made him have to quit his job and move his family to Dundee. Her mother was a Christian. They were all very active in their church. Mary, her mother and her older brother, Robert worked in the mills. She was the 2nd oldest of 7 siblings.

For most of Mary's life she was a mill girl. At age 14, Mary became a line power loom weaver. In 1864 Mary became very active in the church.

Mary attended the Baxtor Brothers and Co. Ltd. Lower Dens Mill half time school. After going to school for six hours they would go back to their mill work.

Mary was never married. She took in her first sets of twins in 1882. Later, she adopted three more children.

Mary Slessor died on January 13, 1915 from a high fever and malaria.

David Livingstone was Mary's hero and was inspired by his missionary work. She also felt God called her to do.

Mary started her missionary work in Calabar, Africa.

Mary helped Calabar with everything from solving problems about Cannibalistic actions and the Twin Trials. In Africa, whenever twins were born one of them was considered to be a devil child compared to the other. The "devilish" twin was either killed or left to die from being beaten to death. One day Mary found a very injured twin on the street and took him in as her own. She raised awareness for the twin murder superstition. In some cases they could not tell which one is the bad twin and so they would kill both. Mary could not stand for this. She also taught maybe native's the word of Jesus. She became the Vice-consul of Okoyong. She was very fitted for the job and would often settle disputes and end fights that the locals had with each other.

In 1913, Mary received an award from the British Government; She was elected as the Honorary Associate of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem.

"Pray on dear one- the power lies that way, I shall go on."

"When you think of the women's power, you forget the power of the women's God"

"Lord, the task is impossible for me but not for Thee. Lead the way and I will follow."

"good is good, but it is not enough; it must be God."

Mary Slessor had red hair and blue eyes. She also became very accustomed to the African lifestyle and did not wear shoes around town just like the locals, she also ate whatever they ate. Her older brother Robert would always remind Mary that she was just a girl and could not make a difference in the missionary field but she ended up helping a lot of people hear the word of Jesus and settling arguments.

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