Stranded on Yoglet Island

Yoglet Island


Once my friend and I had once wrecked the boat or crashed the plane, I would first worry about our health. Our health is our most important priority in this type of situation. The animals here are not tamed, so we should be cautious. Next thing are the types of fruit here. We do not know a lot about natural food and what's good to eat and what's not. Since we do not have a fire, and have absolutely no idea how to make one, we will most likely be cold at night. And if by any chance we catch a fish or any type of land animal, we would have no way of cooking it. Meaning a lot of bacteria would still be on there if we ate it raw, leading to disease. If we were to catch a disease we wouldn't have any way to treat it, most likely leading to infection. In a worst case scenario, someone would probably die. If we were to go rock climbing to reach the top of a mountain, a foot or hand hold could break loose making you loose your grip leading to your treacherous fall to your death, depending on how high you actually are. If we were to on a hike, you could step onto a snake and it would bite you. Having no way to extract the venom, maybe by sucking it out, the victim will die. Unless its a non-venomous snake. If you were to climb a tree, a branch could break, and the stub on the tree could impale you causing you to die. A sasquatch could come out and kill you and your friends. There could be a native tribe there that no one has ever known about and they might think we're there to expose them, leading to us becoming their dinner. Anything could happen on Yoglet Island. Or someone could see us crash and just come and pick us up. That'd be great.


Ralph- He is the leader of the group. Not the nicest person you'll meet. Always picks on piggy, and tells him to shut up when he actually makes a fair statement.

Jack- Once the leader of the choir, Jack is also very angry and rude person. Just like Jack.

Piggy- The sensitive one of the group. Always makes a fair point about things he doesn't agree with. Like when Ralph stated that Piggy sat on his butt and did nothing, but he couldn't do anything because his glasses had been "Pinched".

Simon- Simon always helps out the group if they are having a disagreement. He's a helpful person to have around.


Always travel in a group of two or more.

Don't go out at night.

Share the resources found.

Always clean up after yourself.

Communicate effectively.

Always do your job.

NEVER Kill anyone. No matter what the situation is.

In my opinion, I believe that the most important rule in this list is to always do your job. You are given a certain job for a reason. If you were not to do this job, it could create complications for other peoples and their jobs. Say your job was to go out and collect food, but you didn't perform this task. The person who would store and look after the food wouldn't have any food to store or anything to look after, and then people would begin to starve. Everyone would start getting hungry, leading to anger. Your body can't function properly if its lacking protein, making it hard for others to perform their tasks. If one person does not perform their task, it can create a domino effect. Besides, it wouldn't be fair to the other people because they will have to work harder than they need to. One part in the novel kind of fits in with this. Jack was going to go hunting and brought the twins, Sam and Eric, with him. Well, Sam and Eric were supposed to watch over the fire, feed it, and make sure it doesn't die. They let the fire die, and missed the chance to be taken home because a ship passed. Who knows, that could have been their only chance at being rescued.


The book "Lord of the Flies" is not just about a group of kids trying to survive on island, its about much more than that. The author, William Golding, wrote about how the minds of these children have changed overtime on this island. Friends are made, and friends are divided. It shows how sensitive the human mind in children actually is. I may not be correct but this is how I see "Lord of the flies" so far. The mental state of them will change for the worse. Survival of the fittest is key in this type of scenario, physically and mentally. This term is when only the strongest shall survive and the weak will die. Think of it as Social Darwinism if you will. A concept created by Charles Darwin.

Not a Good Island

Being stranded on this island has caused many problems. Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically. Many arguments have happened throughout the story so far, so I wouldn't imagine it will get any better from here. Ralph had said it was a good island. It might have been his mental state at the time, or it could have been sarcasm. But i'm pretty sure at this point we all know its not a good island. Jack is not following Ralph's orders. People are not doing their jobs. It's becoming chaotic on this island, and no adult is there to help them out. They are on their own until someone sees their smoke on the fire. No one knows how long it will be until they will be rescued, if they even will be. If they do not work together, they will not survive. Many problems have occurred already, and there will be many more to come. The group is dividing into two. People who like Jack more sleep around him. Same thing with Ralph. This will end with terrible results. Simon

Simon's Point of View

B- Simon assumes that the beast isn't physically real, but mentally it is. It lives in all of them. The reason they are all angry, occasionally vulgar, stubborn, and very indecisive is because of the beast that Simon believes is in all of them. The reason that some think they are being followed may be a result of paranoia and fear of the beast trying to hunt them down and maybe have them for dinner. Children have a vast imagination, so it'd make sense if they were imagining being chased by this creature. But in reality it's all in their heads. It believe it would be best if the guys who are telling the others that the beast is real to stop, because it created it big conflict against each other and causing a great division is very noticeable at this point.

Instinct Vs Society

The boys on the island are not following by the rules that Ralph had set anymore. They are relying on instinct to survive. Instinct is when you act upon natural behaviors. This is how wild animals behave and survive in the wilderness. The society that has been set up since the day the wreck occurred in lord of the flies was destined to fail very soon due to not adult figure present to help and lead the children. The first sign showing they are surviving based on instinct is that people are choosing sides. It's how they choose it that makes it all the more interesting. They don't just say "Oh I'm going to join sides with Jack and everyone." If they like someone better they begin to follow them more and follow their way of surviving. I believe by the end of this book there will be a huge dispute between the two groups. Whoever wins the argument has total control over the island. Or someone could pick them up a lot sooner and nothing could happen. But we all know if that happened then we wouldn't have a book.

Jack and the beast

I believe that the beast has had a great impact on the group of boys, especially Jack. Jack has started to worship the beast, respect it, and performs rituals in its honor. Sacrifices have also been done for the beast. Ralph and his group already know the beast isn't real. Like I said in one of my previous paragraphs, it's just a mental thing. Jack is being persuaded by his conscience to things that he wouldn't do anywhere else. His true self is coming out. Simon and piggy have been killed. He's gone mad, and this is because of the beast.

The Death of Simon

This is how Simon died in my own words. Simon was walking through the woods while Jack and tribe were doing some kind of ritual again for the beast. Jack and his tribe though that Simon was the beast, so he came out and then Simon when into the circle and they started beating him up really badly. Piggy and Ralph were also in the group. They beat Simon up so badly that he eventually died. I do not fully understand why they would kill him but they did. I believe it was an accident. Maybe they thought Simon was the beast. I don´t know why they would kill the beast though.

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