Hayden's travel guide to Asia Go to asia and Witness pure awEsomeness

This is the Bay of Bengal it is the worlds biggest Bay in the world and spans over 839000 square miles and its can be about 8500 feet deep.

This is dead the Dead Sea it is called the Dead Sea because no plants or animals can live here. If that is not enough to make you come here you can have a true experience if you lay on the water you can float. The sea is the lowest point on earth and there is a lot of salt in it too.

This is the Yangtze

The Yangtze River is the longest in China and is about 3964 this river is economically, historically, and culturally important. This would be a sight to see if you like the water.

This is a part of the yellow and you can make u turn

The yellow river is the second longest in China and it is clearly yellow and if you don't believe the picture go there yourself. It is 3390miles long and it is considered the cradle for China.

This is the Himalayas and it's cold

The Himalayas is a beautiful sight to see just make sure you take a cote. It covers nearly 15000 miles and it's highest point is 29035 feet high and it's Mount Everest. You could ether go skiing, snowboarding,parachuting, and my personal favorite wing suiting.

The plateau of Tibet also known as the roof of the world.

The roof of the world is a sight to see you can see other mountains that are around it and you can look down at the ground below. It is about six miles above sea level.

The gobi desert both hot and cold.

The gobi desert is said to be romantic. It covers 281800 kilometers and it is 1540 meters above sea level. Definitely a place to go with someone you care about. But take water

The Taklamkan desert is 600 miles east to west and is 123550 square miles.

The north China plane is also called the yellow plane and covers 158000 square miles and is 160 feet above steel level it is a beautiful plane and is definitely worth checking out.



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