HOMESCHOOL CH. 4 Attacking

From Kyle Mashima of SoloStats Live, the AVCA presents at-home training concepts for a period of social isolation.


One of the biggest components of working on your attack at home is centered on the motion itself, with some attention paid to the hand contact portion. Check out this video from Jim Stone, where he discusses the hand contact - which is important because it's easy to focus on the "big picture" - like your footwork, transition, loading the arm, etc., but this gets into the micro-component of how your hand actually contacts the ball and as a result, the ability to hit certain spots on the floor by making sure your hand hits the ball properly.

Taking a big picture approach, let's think about transition footwork.

Notice the emphasis on getting the footwork correct and work your way up to game speed. Take some video and analyze - is your footwork on point? Are there steps that are not being properly taken? It's up to you to determine your transition pattern - you can design that and assign it to each player based on position.

Emphasize fast and correct footwork and work on 20 consecutive reps meeting those criteria.

Now, as the video emphasized - let's look at hand contact. He introduces a move called the "wiggle snap". It's remarkable how far you can hit the ball with that simple move, and it's easy to work on at home. You want the wrist to be both powerful and loose at the same time, which is a bit of trick only learned through repetition. If you're able to work on the elastic with a n extension, you can practice this without damaging a wall. You'll find what the right sound and feel is for what you're trying to accomplish.

This next exercise is a bit of a combo - working on your footwork and arm swing at the same time. If you've got the rebounder, or something similar, you can really get into this skill - and it's difficult. You need a lot of accuracy and good contact - and even getting 10 in a row can be tough.

You can combine the usefulness of the rebounder and some target/net/hoop to take it a little but farther. This demands accuracy with the first shot and requires strong control over every following component in order to be effective.

Stay tuned for a little more extra credit where we show you another couple of ways to work on your attacking at home. Check out the rest of the series for some at-home workout inspirations!

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