Abortion Policy Maegan Farag, Diana Ponce, gissell poveda, and drew ascione

In 1973, the supreme court ruled that abortion is safe and legal in every state.

This was meet with opposition and it became a fight between pro-life and pro-choice.

Lawmakers used the health reform to implement the Hyde Amenment, which restricted the finacial access to to an abortion.

The abortion policy is fair, but the Hyde Amendment manipulates the policy making it unjust.

States, mostly conservatives, take advantage of the loose wording and set unconstitutional limits.

These restrictions make abortions finically inaccessible, socially targeting, and show a lack of understanding within society.

The pro-life public

States require women to receive counsel with the intention of scaring them into keeping the baby.

There has been no scientific evidence of this.

A prevention method would be to have a proper introduction and teaching of sex education, making the lack of understanding disappear and would prevent the 1 in 3 statistic.

The problem is that no one wants to talk about sex because they feel that it is inappropriate, but without the talk the talk of abortion is left undefended.

People don't understand the risk of having sex at a young age. Sex Ed. teaches adolescents, which would produce understanding male politicians.

We feel if sex education was taught thoroughly and with respect the abortion rate would greatly decrease. This would appease both sides of the abortion argument.

Let's stop being driven by self-interest and start allowing people to chose.

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