Sameer Bhutani Resume and achievements

Sameer Bhutani has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of San Francisco. He is working his way to medical school, hoping to one day be a doctor and health care advocate. Sameer is skilled in public speaking, technology, and various science subjects. Sameer is also a skilled videographer, winning many awards and recognitions for his editing, filming, and directing. Currently, Sameer is earning a Master of Science Degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science.


London School of Economics and Political Science

Master of Science - Heath and International Development

Graduating Class of 2018

University of San Francisco

Bachelor of Science - Biology Major - Chemistry, Health Studies, Neuroscience Minor

Graduating Class of 2017 - Summa Cum Laude

Hospital experience 

Intern, University of California San Francisco, SF General Hospital

May 2015 - August 2015

Sameer worked under Dr. Suzaynn Schick with a small research team aiming to discover the effects of electronic cigarettes, cigarettes, second-hand smoke, and third-hand smoke on human cardiovascular health. The responsibilities of interns consisted of collecting and organizing human samples, expanding on experiment protocol, recruitment of subjects, data entry and operation of experimental machinery. Sameer's responsibilities were expanded to a 2nd project under Dr. Dimitri Palilis concerning hearing loss in police officers.

Summer 2014

Sameer worked under Dr. Peter Ganz and Dr. Payal Kohli in the cardiology department at San Francisco General Hospital. The job consisted of attending medical intern meetings, observing medical cardiac procedure, visiting patients and attending and presenting at doctoral research meetings. This opportunity allowed him to learn about the clinical responsibilities of a medical professional as well as view first had the experience of first and second-year cardiology residents. This internship confirmed his passion for medicine and cardiology.

Intern, University of California Irvine Medical Center


Sameer worked under Dr. Malik in Cardiology Department of Research at UCI. The job consisted of data entry and attending student intern seminars. Sameer gained valuable research experience and allowed him to develop his interest in medicine beyond the classroom.

University Leadership and Work Experience 

Resident Advisor, University of San Francisco

2014 - 2017

The Resident Advisor (RA) is a part-time student employee of Student Housing and Residential Education. The RA is generally responsible for assisting resident students individually and in groups. In working with a floor, the RA is the primary facilitator of the development of a community and the growth of its individual members through staff and administrative duties. The RA acts as a role model for the community and aims to help USF residents achieve their goals at the university. Sameer worked for 3 years in this position developing his leadership and communication skills. The job taught him about time management and how to empower people to reach their goals.

Vice President, Residence Hall Association, University of San Francisco

2014 - 2017

RHA is an organization that focuses on bettering residence life on campus. RHA executes programs, promotes advocacy and assist Residence Hall Councils in improving and running their individual halls. Sameer was appointed to RHA after serving as Hall Council President in 2013. From 2014 - 2016 he served as the Director of Advocacy where he led the charge of making positive, lasting change on campus. This included adding crosswalks, water fountains and various cafeteria improvements. In 2016 he was promoted to Vice President, a role that encompassed the job of the Director of Advocacy in addition to supervising the Residence Hall Councils and cultivating future leaders through various events and meetings.

Head Tutor, USF Speaking Center

2014 - 2017

The Speaking Center offers private instruction to individuals who wish to improve performance in public speaking. Tutors assist students with outline formatting, visual aids, and presentation style for personal speaking engagements and presentations in a classroom setting. As the head tutor of the center, Sameer served as a model for future speaking center hires and created and presented speaking workshops to faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students.

Residence Hall Council, President of Hayes-Healy, University of San Francisco

2013 - 2014

The President is a peer elected position and the leader of the Hayes-Healy Residence Hall Council. The job included presiding over weekly meetings and organizing events for hall residents. Residence Hall Council was a Sameer's first leadership opportunity at the university. This experience taught him how to motivate a group of individuals to work together and solve complex problems. The hard work of all the RHC members that year led Hayes-Healy Residence Hall to the title of the most award winning residence hall council in university history.

Other Work Experience

Founder & Director, Ordinary Mango, Irvine

March 2018 - Present

Ordinary Mango is a technologies company started and developed after successfully crowdfunding the PowerPod Case, a new product that adds wireless charging to the Apple AirPods. Sameer is currently prototyping new products that will be anounced in 2018.

Operations Manager, OneTres, San Francisco

September 2015 - May 2017

OneTres is an R&D company that strives for innovation, simplicity, and functionality in all its products and endeavors. The companies first product, "SLiM" was introduced in 2015 to solve a simple problem with a simple solution. Sameer was brought on board to help market and sell this product and future products developed by the company. After great success, Sameer was promoted to Operations Manager to oversee product production, quality, marketing, and sales. Sameer has recently completed product packaging for the "SLiM" and is currently assisting in listing the product on Amazon and slimseller.com.

Summer Guest Host, University of San Francisco

Summer 2015

Sameer worked here over the summer during his internship at the UCSF Human Exposure Lab. His main job was to provide service for guests and residences of the University over the summer. This included working the front desk, providing security and providing service for the guests of the University. The job demanded large amounts of time and the ability to provide customer support.

Tutor, Kumon Math and Reading Center, Irvine, CA

2012 - 2013

Sameer provided private instruction to individuals or a small group of students to improve academic performance, improve skills, or prepare for academic tests. Sameer worked with the advanced student class, predominately in math instruction.


Over the years a passion for creating videos began to grow. Here is a collection of the works that were directed, edited and/or acted in by Sameer.

Awards and Recognitions


Summa Cum Laude 2017

Dean's Medal Finalist 2017

Kessel Award Finalist 2017

Carol Chihara Award for Academic Excellence 2016

Deans Honor Role 2013 - 2017

Speaking Center

Speaking Center Coach of the Year 2017

Resident Advisor

Most Likely to Change the World Award 2017

Staff MVP for Loyola Village Residence Hall 2016

Rising Star Award For Best New Resident Advisor 2015

Residence Hall Association

#1 Overall School out of 47 Universities at PACURH 2016

Top 10 Program for Team Recruitment presentation at PACURH conference 2016

1st place for Roll Call Video at PACURH conference 2016

Top 10 Program for Advocacy presentation at PACURH conference 2015

2nd place for Roll Call Video at PACURH conference 2015

Top 10 Program for Social Media presentation at PACURH conference 2014

3rd place for Roll Call Video at PACURH conference 2014

President, Residence Hall Council

Best Service Project 2014

Program of the Semester 2014

Hall of the Semester 2014

Individual Leadership Award (Dedicated Don) 2014

Best Social Program 2013

Best Community Service Program 2013

Hall of the Semester 2013

Individual Leadership Award (Dedicated Don) 2013

Nominated For Best Drama, Campus Movie Fest 2013

“The journey continues and more than life lies ahead”


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Sameer Bhutani

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