Composition Rules- Outside Photo Assignment

The pipes that are positioned in the left most part of the third column represent the first rule, the rule of thirds
The stacked chairs atop of the tables follow the second rule, Repetition and so do the tables
The stacked chairs are viewed at an angle which represents the t grid rule, angle
This zoomed in photo of a bug can represent not only the rule if selective focus but also strong subject
The empty sprite can is the only thing in force in this picture so it represents the last rule, selective focus. The initial photo also has the water fountain and the wall framing the sprite can which represents the fifth rule of composition: framing
The four water fountains on the wall represent the final composition rule: leading lines
From: This photo represents the first error: mergers because the leaves placed behind the bear make it seem as if it's got leaves growing from the sides of its head
This photo represents bright spots/holes because the entirety of the photo is practically white and incredibly bright
In this photo are two people running, the secondmost person has half of his body cropped off which would fourth composition error: cropping of body parts

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