Online Participation Critical Discussion and Reflection

Google + was my go to community.... Reflecting on my learning and reading about other learning journey's was inspiring.
Online Participation....for me..... I am still learning to manage my time in relation to this. I believe that I am a reflective person but am aware that what I am saying is going out to the community and so want to make sure that what I share is relevant.
Correspondence...... Rachael's blog post about dilemmas in the digital age resonated with me due to the fact that I too am using seesaw as a tool in the classroom. Also the fact that I had parents and students wanting to talk to me via social media.
Valerie's blog post was of interest to me because our school had gone through a similar process, in that we had changed our virtues also.
Professional discussions are important to me..... Does one community support you more than another?
Trends in Education..... Does a lower Decile school have more students below National Standards? Student Agency and Self Regulation....What are the results showing us?
The Power of Sharing.......
Reflection is Powerful..... and as John Dewey so aptly puts it... " We do not learn from experience we learn from ...Reflecting on experience"
Reflection is an important part of my journey. I know I need to share more online so that I to can receive feedback and support from like minded people. Further GROWTH!


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