Sam's Case By Joeana Ortiz

One Saturday afternoon a girl named Kaylee had just finished shopping at the mall for her mother’s birthday gift. As Kaylee was walking back to her car all of a sudden a strange man approached her and asked for directions to the nearest gas station. She simply replied,“ I don’t know’’. As Kaylee walked away she noticed something odd about the man. She ignored it and continued on with her walk. Out of nowhere the man grabbed the Kaylee at gunpoint and told her she had leave with him if not she would be killed.

The next morning as Sam walked in her office her boss handed her a new case. She began to skim at the files and notice that she only had 48 hours to find the Kaylee.Sam was determined the missing girl would be found in no second

During the day she decided to go to the scene of the crime she noticed there were tire marks on the road. She decided to take a risk and follow it and see wherever it lead to. As she was driving the tire marks started disappearing slowly and slowly. A few minutes later the marks stopped she looked up and she was in the middle of nowhere. Sam was confused of where the man took Kaylee.

The next day she woke up and noticed she only had about 15 hours to solve the case. When Sam arrived to the crime scene she noticed her enemy,David who always likes to get credit for everything, was at scene. David was taking notes and was looking for clues. David approached Sam and said “ I am going to solve the case before you, better luck next time”. Sam became angry she was even more determined she would find Kaylee

Sam began to walk away but all of sudden her keen eyesight saw small trail of red lipstick leading to a car that looked familiar to the man’s.

She slowly walked towards the car and peaked inside the window. She saw Kaylee still alive with with tape wrapped up all over her mouth,legs, and arms. She immediately called the fireman to open up the locked car. Kaylee was so happy to have been found. Kaylee explained the whole story to Sam of what had happened. Kaylee used the makeup she bought her mother to drag on the floor while the man carried her on his shoulders.

Sam was so joyful she solved the case and turned it into her boss before David could.


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