Portfolio Photographs by Alyssa Sequira

Hello I am Alyssa Sequira and in photography I'm interested in mostly portraits,nature shots, and street photography. Since my interest in photography started I have always been into photos of people and how that one picture can tell so much. With nature shots I just really like how beautiful the earth is and capturing its beauty. Also street photography is really amazing it tells stories in one photograph.
I chose this project to revisit because I like working with Photoshop. This time firstly I knew about how to take a good clear picture so when you put in Photoshop it will be easier to make one thing color. A new thing I learned doing this redoing this project was how fast I actually work in Photoshop.
For this project i has few challenges but some of them were trying to find something interesting to take a photograph of. Also another challenge was taking photos of my actual classrooms because classes were in session while I was taking photos. I chose these three photos as my best because they were the most clear and interesting photos to me. I chose these also because the lightening is perfect and you can't tell what the subject is in the photo when you first glance at it.
For this project I a model or models for most of the pictures and it was kinda simple to get them because i just used other classmates. Also thinking of creative ways to show the words in a way no has was sort of difficult, I looked some of the words up just to see examples. The scholarship photo represents some graduating, the teamwork one shows multiple people with there hands together to show them working together, and then perseverance is show getting ready to run and not give up till they finish.
What makes a good portrait is good lighting through the whole photo. Also there is no spots with over exposure, and your main subject is in perfect focus. This is a good portrait because my subject is in perfect lighting and her color looks amazing. She is so clear that you can see all her fly away hairs.
This is a good portrait because its not the standard sitting up straight portrait and her smile is a genuine one. Also the coloring is really nice and it has a cool tone all through out the photo. I also like how her body is in a slight slant and it makes the picture more interesting to look at.
This is a good portrait because she is the main focus with the background all one color and her being crystal clear. Her face is also refreshing because its not a normal smile its something different. her posture is really nice in this picture and her outfit is pretty being a nice color pink with the gray background.
The challenges of these photos were trying to find good lighting at my house being it was all under fluorescent lights and most of my photos were coming out orange or yellow. Also finding things that represent home was harder than expected because I didn't want to take photos everyone has already seen. A homework assignment everyone could do would be maybe portraits of our families.

7 photos I feel are strong

MY YEAR (1st half)

This first half of this year I feel like I did really well was take good clear photos with interesting subjects. I also feel like I was good at creating stories with my pictures. I have improved on working with people and telling them what I want from them in my photos. I also improved my Photoshop skills like working faster on it and learning how to use more of the tool like the one to blur skin and take away imperfections. For the next year I hope to accomplish for one is to start taking more photos out of school and to do so I would have to get a camera. My next goal for this class is to learn more about photography so I can take better photos and I hope to accomplish this goal by just studying more about camera and photography in general.

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